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You’ve known her by a few names — Posh Spice and David Beckham’s wife — but this singer, entrepreneur, mom and fashion designer has the confidence to rock all of her titles. First famous as one-fifth of the international pop sensation, Spice Girls, Beckham went on to release a solo album of her own before turning to fashion and design.

When she met soccer star David Beckham, the two became a power couple overnight, and in their 20+ year marriage, they’ve had four children together. She’s made countless appearances on hit shows, including American Idol, Project Runway, Germany’s Next Top Model and Ugly Betty. After she paired up with a few high-fashion brands, she eventually created her own label, helping her to reap an estimated net worth of more than $400 million. So how does she remain so trendy and influential, serving as an icon for plenty for decades? Here, a few of rituals she swears by.

She finds confidence through her passions.


Those who are ultimately the most successful are the ones who have somehow figured out how to build a life that pairs together their talents and their passions. As the saying goes, when you’re able to wake up and do something you love day-in and day-out, it doesn’t feel much like work.

In an interview with Elle UK, Beckham stressed the importance of building confidence through a lifestyle that produces joy. “It has, because I feel fulfilled creatively, and that’s reflected in the way I conduct myself, the way I dress. When I look back at my past self, [the way I dressed and behaved] was probably a sign of many insecurities. I feel quite confident in myself now — getting older doesn’t bother me,” she shared.

She’s real about being a woman.

When Beckham was first starting her fashion line, she released a dress she affectionately nicknamed ‘the sucky-sucky dress’, inspired by how it flattened every last ripple. For Beckham, it was a direct response to how women often feel when they’re out on an important date or interview, and she wanted to make it beautiful, but also functional. “… It’s not so much about me, it’s about what I’m creating for other women. When I used to go out, it was: ‘Watch what I eat for lunch, because I’ve got a tight dress and I need a flat tummy.’ I mean, who can be bothered with that now? I’m too busy. I’m older and things like that don’t matter to me,” she explained to Vogue.

This refreshing take has informed much of her business decisions, and she told Glamour she wants to be known as someone who “really does embrace the woman, make her feel special, make her feel powerful, make her feel like the best version of herself, make her feel special, make her feel feminine, make her feel sexy in an intelligent way.”

She practices positive thinking.

But is also realistic about ebbs in confidence. Though she told Skype she tried not to put too much pressure on herself when she first launched her brand, she also accepted “crazy moments of self-doubt.”

“I think an element of that is quite important,” she shared. “It’s about creative visualization and challenging yourself but always staying very positive. There’s nothing wrong with having a second little person sitting on your shoulder, you know, making sure you are remaining humble and appreciative of everything that you have and everything that you’ve achieved.”

She’s always focused on what’s next.

Considering she told Vogue her fashion line is her ‘fifth child’, it’s unsurprising that she’s looking out for its future. This is the case with all entrepreneurs who intend to have a long-winded business. Though they learn from any mistakes and pivot their business strategies, they’re also looking for the next move, the better idea or the smarter solution.

“There have been great moments along the way, winning awards, selling well, but for me, getting success is one thing and maintaining it is something completely different. I’m always head down, focussed, on to the next thing,” she shared.

In addition to improving her company, she also wants to better herself without comparing her success to those of her competitors. In fact, she doesn’t even see them that way. “For me, the competition  is me from the season before. I never sit back and say, ‘wow, look at what I achieved. To be honest, I wish I could do that because I should do that. I just always want to better myself,” she told CNN.

She’s doing what she wanted, what she really, really wanted.


Cue the cheese, but it’s true: even when she was on stage performing in legendary hits and music videos, her heart was somewhere else. When the showbiz of the Spice Girls faded away, she decided to take a chance on her dreams.

“I always wanted to do fashion, so I was lucky that music was never my main passion. For the other girls it was. Every day someone says: ‘Are you going on tour? You’re the one who’s stopping it.’ For me, there was always something else I wanted to do. Plan B, phase two,” she told Vogue. “Even when I was in the group, on tour, I was always more interested in not just the costumes but the lighting and the set design. It was never just about getting on stage and dancing around.”

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