You’ve got a lot on your mind in the morning: brewing that first cup of coffee, taking a quick shower, maybe trying to squeeze in half a breakfast — but odds are, “working out”  isn’t on your list.

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Even on the rare occasion when you have the time, who feels motivated to do something like that? Some days, you’re lucky you managed to crawl out of bed at all.

Truth is, if something is hard, that usually means it’s worth it. Turns out getting up early and getting your heart pumping can make a big difference in your life, because it…

Increases Your Metabolism

No matter when you get around to working out, you’re giving your metabolism a good solid boost for several hours. Naturally, the best time to enjoy that boost is right before you cook breakfast and launch into those crucial first few hours of the day. An early morning workout, therefore, results in more productivity, a better diet, and a better day.

Improved Physical and Focus Energy

Most studies into how exercise affects your psychic wellbeing are pretty conclusive: It’s good for you. One dedicated writer discovered that he was able to replace his morning coffee with vigorous exercise with only positive effects.

It’s worth noting that the benefits are most observable in people who are already fit, so don’t expect to replace your latte with 50 pushups tomorrow morning and immediately have a better day. Instead, sign up for some kind of physical fitness program, like a one-year subscription to Fitterclub Personal Training for $19, 84% off the normal $119 cost.

Routine Instills Self-Discipline

Discipline is a muscle. The more energy you spend convincing yourself to do something that might not be fun, the more energy you have to do it next time. So when you stick to a workout routine, maybe with the help of a Weightlifting Gym Buddy Journal, you’re prepping yourself to accomplish more things throughout the day. While you might have normally procrastinated on getting your driver’s license renewed, you won’t if you stick to your workout routine, because you’ve already proven to yourself that you’re worth it.

The Weightlifting Gym Buddy Journal, by the way, is a series of workouts that we have for sale right now for 26% off, or just $36.

Enjoy a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is our most important personal resource, and sticking to a morning workout routine is the best way to make sure you enjoy it. The reduction in blood pressure, increased focus, and higher energy levels that you enjoy from your workout all day also end up resulting in a deeper, more restful sleep once your day is done.

Opens Up More Time in the Afternoon

Perhaps best of all, working out in the morning means you’re not working out in the afternoon, which means you can find a better use for those hours by getting more work done, relaxing with a late lunch, or seeing some old friends. Once the hard part is out of the way — and no, you don’t have to enjoy working out, it can be “the hard part” of your day — you’re free to really enjoy what life has to offer.

To achieve that kind of flexibility, we offer the BodyBoss 2.0 Portable Home Gym. Normally $179, this small yet effective mini-gym can help you pull off all the regular workouts you crave, but takes up just a tiny bit of space in your home and can be set up in seconds.

But whether you change your habits with one of the above products, or just through your own discipline, we’re betting you’ll start to see the effects from this small change on your life sooner than you think. So good luck!

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