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5 Tools to Help You Create a Top Notch Presentations

5 Tools to Help You Create a Top Notch Presentations

Are you a business professional? Well, most likely the time will come when you will need to demonstrate a successful presentation for your colleagues. Maybe you want to persuade your boss to pay attention to your next amazing idea or attempt to close a deal with a client. You may be a teacher in need of great resources in order to effectively pass on your knowledge to a class. Or a student trying to impress a professor. Whatever profession you are in, creating the best presentation with the use of high-quality images, video, and animations is key to success.

So how do you do this? Thanks to the worldwide web, there are numerous tools to help you create amazing presentations. Here are a few of the best ones:

5 Tools to Help You Create a Top Notch Presentations

5 Tools to Help You Create a Top Notch Presentations

1. Prezi

Say goodbye to boring presentations that leave your audience fighting sleep. With Prezi, you have the chance to create striking visuals that will intrigue your onlookers and gain their interest. This website is a presentation software that over delivers to its user. It is a resource which attempts to reinvent the way people offer information, share stories, and engage others.

Many people are familiar with the built-in PowerPoint option on their computers but Prezi provides something new. Instead of being restricted by boring templates, this resource provides creative ability to depict a well-told detailed story. Your presentation will not suffer in the world of 'forgetfulness'. Your audience will remember your visual displays and be inspired to action. So whether you are creating a business proposal or a project for school, Prezi has what it takes to make your work stand out.

2. Canva

Are you looking for a cutting edge design? Are you involved in sales and marketing? Canva allows for simple use that anyone can understand. For no cost at all, this platform provides assistance to the least artistic of us. To help, Canva offers numerous templates for your presentation so that all you have to do is choose and add in the information. In this way, you can finally stop fretting over artsy designs and simply plug in your presentation. The best part about this is it now has an iPad app and an Android app. If you are a busy professional that needs to construct a visual in less time, Canva can help put you back on top.

3. Powtoon

Do you have an idea that you wish to convey to others but don't know how? Have you experienced failure with low-quality images and less than perfect visuals? These components are extremely important in creating a great presentation. Luckily there is Powtoon.

Have you ever heard the old phrase, "A picture is worth a thousand words"? Well Powtoon is an online source that allows anyone to animate engaging moving images. In fact it is their mission to improve your creative experience so that you will no longer need other sources like PowerPoint and Keynote. With Powtoon you can improve your presentation with minimalist designs that get straight to the point. The creators behind the thriving source understand that all great businesses have a story to share. Powtoon provides highly interactive options that will gain the traction you are looking for.

4. Slides

Among other tools to help you make presentations is Slides.This is not your average presentation builder. Slides beats the competition with its state-of-the-art quality that will leave your audience educated and entertained. This software got its premiere back in 2014 and continues to assist leaders in creating excellent visuals. Are you design challenged? Slides offers support to everyone. If you are a bit more savvy, you can increase your customization with Powtoon Studio to take your work to the next level. In less than 10 minutes you can design a professional presentation. Engage your audience and gain the influence you deserve by using the Slides service.

5. Haiku Deck

Have you ever needed a great presentation but did not have your laptop or desktop computer readily accessible? Haiku Deck is a great resource for those who have an iPad. This online source allows you to look like a sales and marketing genius with no cost at all. Quickly create your very own presentation that can be shared all across the web. Haiku Deck uniquely connects to websites, social media platforms, blogs, and any smart device.

Even if you are not skilled in designing compelling visuals, Haiku Deck provides peace of mind with easy tools to help you start. Did we mention that this is all free?

You do not have to be a tech nerd in order to design something that will stand out in a crowd. The next time you have to give a group presentation, business proposal, or communicate with a client, consider any of these online resources for your next project.

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