In a world full of distractions every second, every minute and every hour of the day, it becomes difficult to stay focused and keep track of what your objectives are. There are so many kinds of distractions that surround us from all directions, whether it is work related, family, friends or even just entertainment technology in the form of mobile phones or TV. But to stay focused, all you need is self-motivation, dedication, and the willpower to achieve your goals. Here are simple ways that can help you concentrate on your goals and stay focused.

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5 Simple Steps to Stay Focused

Reduce Disturbances

The first step in keeping yourself focused and aligned with your goals is to make sure that you try to get rid of as many distractions and disturbances as possible. This could be notifications on your phone that keeps buzzing, it could be extra noise distracting you around the room, or it could be people knocking on the door or going in and coming out.

There could be countless distractions, but it’s up to you to eliminate them as much as possible. You need to take matters into your own hands to help you stay focused. When people meditate, it’s all about peace and quiet and trying to stay focused on yourself and your goals. Similar, try to create your Zen mode to help you stay focused and get your work done and stay on the right path to achieve your goals one day at a time.

Meditate Everyday

In eastern philosophies, the mind is often compared to a pet that is agitated and cannot stay still. The mind tends to jump from one thought to the next. But just like a pet, the mind can also be trained to better “stay still” and concentrate on the task at hand. Daniel Goleman, the bestselling Author of Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence explains in his book that meditation trains your mind to focus on one thing at a time. To learn to develop this capacity you have to train your mind each day by taking as little as 5 minutes to meditate. Focus on one thing, like your breath or an image and try to stay focused on it as long as you can. As soon as you start getting distracted, you try to bring your mind back to the object of focus. It is okay if you get distracted the first few times you try it. Concentration is like a muscle that grows with time to gain in strength.

Taking Breaks is Important

When it comes to being focused and concentrating on your goals and your work, it is also just as important to take short breaks in between to relax your mind and your body from all the hard work and stress. If you are staying focused and working on something for 50 minutes or more, it is essential to take a short 10-minute break in between. If you have been sitting all day, then it is important to get up and talk a walk or get some fresh air. Physical and mental breaks are both necessary to stay focused throughout the entire day.

Complete the Hardest Tasks First

The first thing that should be taken care of, when you start the day fresh with a peaceful mind and ready to work, is to complete your hardest goals or tasks while you have the energy and focus physically and mentally. Once the toughest tasks of the day are accomplished, it lets you relax and stay focused for the rest of the day.

Keep Reminding Yourself About Your Goals

The most crucial thing to keep yourself focused is always to keep reminding yourself about what your goals are to accomplish them and reach where you want to be. It is also important to remember why you are working towards this goal so that you can stay focused and motivated throughout the process.