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6 Ways to Build a High-Performance Culture in the Workplace
high-performance company culture

6 Ways to Build a High-Performance Culture in the Workplace

It is the culture of a company that determines how things get done, but also what will get done. And it is not always just about free lunches and team outings. CEOs and managers can and should manage their organizations and employees in order to shape the company culture they actually desire.

Allow me to discuss six ways to build a high-performance culture in the workplace.

How to build a high-performance company culture

6 Ways to Build a High-Performance Culture in the Workplace

To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.

Doug Conant

Actively promote employee learning

On-the-job learning is not limited to the entry-level employee. It includes every member of the company, up to and including the CEO. It takes a process of continuous learning to allow you to grow and adapt to the changing market. Don’t pass up any opportunity to encourage the learning of your employees, as it will help them improve their skills and proficiencies.

You should give a green flag to any employees who want to go back to school, participate in training sessions, or increase their market knowledge. This will provide long-term value to any company.

Clearly communicate goals and targets

Employees should have all the knowledge related to the performance of the business and where it is headed. It is the core task of the employees to understand the goals and targets of the company as well as how their jobs support them. This is crucially important to encourage employee engagement. In turn, receiving regular updates from the employees about how they are doing in relation to their targets allows the leadership to get an idea of the company’s overall progress.

Provide transparency

Keeping the financial status of the company a secret is an unethical way of running a business. Providing complete transparency so that the employees know how the company is doing will help build trust and prove beneficial for the company’s future prospects. Just think, if the employees are left in the dark about how the company is doing, how can you expect them to make improvements?

Include new employees at the top

It is a known fact that starting a new job can be quite stressful. When you actively engage with new employees, it helps reduce doubts and uncertainties in their minds, and most importantly, makes them start to feel a part of the company.

In their first few weeks on the job, new employees should be invited to work as a part of the executive team. This helps them develop an understanding of the the purpose and approach of every department, and will contribute to building healthy connections throughout the organization. Additionally, it will allow every executive to understand the role and value of each employee.

Encourage open communications

A high-performance company culture tends to have fluid lines of communication. No matter the topic, there should always be a frank, unbiased, and open conversation. The flow of information should be free from the top down to the entry-level employee. It is important that there be regular discussions between the managers, their teams, and key external stakeholders, including suppliers and customers.

Have an open-meeting policy

For any meeting that does not address employee pay or personal matters, it should include every employee of the company. The employees get to learn more about the company by attending these meetings along with the managers, executives, and members of various other departments.

Remember that a lack of transparency, communication and inclusion is a recipe for mediocrity. The employees should be encouraged to share their views and ideas. This will make them feel like an important part of the company and will encourage them to give their 100% in meeting the company’s goals.

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