Know That – Adam Savage

MythBusters’ Adam Savage explains how it’s completely acceptable to continuously make mistakes before finally succeeding in creating something great.


“When I finished screwing up those dials, like I build each one three times, and kept on munging them, it was actually one of those dark days of making stuff where I had finished, and I literally had this thought, “I don’t know what business I have making stuff.” I seriously had this thought. It’s ludicrous, right? It’s ludicrous for anybody to think that. This has been my living, and yet I was brought so low by screwing those things up so many times that I had a real dark day.
I was real blue when I went home. Chilled out, had some tea, had a good night sleep. Came back today and got back into it. Now it’s better. I just want you to know that that kind of thing happens all the time to everybody. Nobody escapes that feeling in the shop of, “Man, why do I keep screwing stuff up?” I just wanted you to know that.”

– Adam Savage