This grandpa and granddaughter duo will melt your heart through their inspirational videos.

85-year-old Charles Mallet was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s six years ago, and his granddaughter Basia found a way to change his life for the better.

The once-active former veteran and IBM engineer became disengaged from his usual activities.

She refused to give up on him and found a unique way to keep Charles alert and active through the use of social media.

The Natural Evolution Of A Heartwarming Hobby

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Basia began recording TikTok videos of her time with Charles, as they dressed up in various outfits, danced along to popular songs, and cooked up a storm in the kitchen.

Their heartwarming moments brought Charles a sense of joy and purpose, and Basia could see sparks of her grandfather’s personality returning as he began to feel loved, embraced, and fulfilled.

Charles’ personality shone through the lens and it was apparent that his condition improved as he participated in the activities Basia arranged for him.

“Before I felt like, he just had a gaze through his eyes, but when I see him doing the TikToks, I see a whole new Charles,” she said.

Positive Changes

Basia continued making videos with Charles, and this soon became a bonding experience that they both enjoyed and looked forward to. The pair did everything together and Charles was visibly happy through their social media journey.

“I see him smiling. I see him dancing. I see him cooking things that he used to do before he got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,” Basia said with joy.

“And honestly, I feel like I’ve discovered something new for him to do and just for him to get better.”

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They Went Viral – With A Celebrity Audience

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Charles’ smile was contagious, and his happiness was apparent. Videos of the grandfather and granddaughter duo quickly began gaining traction online.

Their adorable moments have caught the attention of nearly five million viewers and have resulted in reshares from famous artists Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

The viral videos have gone a long way to change the way people view Alzheimer’s.

Charles has regained his confidence and looks forward to starring in Basia’s videos. It’s given him an opportunity to be active, and he’s focused and engaged while he enjoys time with his family.

Fans and followers of Charles’ TikTok page can see there’s hope for loved ones with a similar diagnosis and have been inspired.

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This has been a very bonding experience for the Mallet family.

“She takes her time with him and if he makes a mistake or anything, they just start all over,” said Maudra Mallet, Charles’ wife of nearly 60 years.

Finding Purpose And Inspiration

Basia Mallet is delighted to see how happy her grandfather is, and how enriched his life has become with this exciting new hobby. She’s also thrilled by the response she has received online, and hopes that this raises awareness about Alzheimer’s.

“I really want people to know that people that are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, they’re not just people that just sit there and don’t really do anything,” Basia said.

“They can be active and engaged with you. It just depends on how you engage with them, and social media is the way that I engage with my grandfather who has Alzheimer’s.”

You can enjoy the inspirational moments shared by the Mallet family by following @CharlesMallet.