This person received more than a package one winter day.

Sometimes we take routine things for granted.

But when we are injured and as we age, we begin to realize that our bodies can’t do everything forever.

That’s why it’s so heartwarming to see others step up to help when we, or someone we know, is struggling in our community.

A Not-So-Routine Delivery

In January 2022, a big snowstorm hit La Porte, Indiana. Houses were all snowed in, and neighbors had a big day of shoveling ahead. That didn’t stop the Amazon delivery trucks from making their rounds, though. It was business as usual. Until one driver got to a home where he noticed the resident was struggling.

“Our 90+-year-old neighbor got an Amazon delivery today,” a woman named
Allison captioned a video on TikTok. “He noticed her struggling to get to her mailbox in her driveway and immediately took care of the problem.”

In the video, you can see the driver shoveling the snow for the resident, clearing the driveway so that she can come and go.

“Faith in humanity restored,” Allison added.

A Viral Message

In the comments, some wondered why Allison didn’t help her neighbor shovel. However, she noted that she had been really ill and wasn’t able to help. Other neighbors had also shoveled the woman’s driveway the night before, but this was a particularly brutal snowstorm.

Still, it warmed Allison’s heart that someone else would stop their day in order to help this woman. Others felt the same and flooded the comments to the social media post, which has now been seen more than two million times.

“A heart of gold can exist in anybody,” one person wrote. “It’s even more impressive because I know the driver is in a rush,” added another. One person even chimed in about how her own Amazon delivery driver had salted her driveway for her that same day.

“Do good for someone, and good will always come back to you. Good on you, Sir,” added someone else.

Pitching in Where We Can

It’s nice to think that when we need help, our community will be there for us. But this story also highlights why it’s important to help others within our community when we know they’re having a hard time, too.

If you’re able, cutting a neighbor’s grass, blowing their leaves, or shoveling their driveway is always a kind act. But there are other things you can do, too.

If you make cookies or extra soup, offer some to a neighbor who lives alone or has had a rough time lately. Help them take their trash bins to and from their garage. Or water their plants if you’re outside doing yours.

There are many ways to be a good neighbor and community member. Everyone needs good neighbors who make us feel connected and a part of something. It isn’t just good for your health; it’s good for your soul.

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