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Astrologers On What Spring Will Bring, Based On Your Sign
Spiritual Health

Astrologers On What Spring Will Bring, Based On Your Sign

As much as we’d all love to have the answers to the complexities in our heart and mind, no one ever really knows what the future will bring.

That is, unless you’re an astrologer. Dictated by the universe and the careful tapestry of the stars, those who live their lives by the zodiac believe in it’s wisdom.

Regardless if you take your horoscope as gospel or with a grain of salt, it can be inspiring and comforting to get a little help from whatever powers that be. With a new season marching its way in -- no pun intended -- spring will mean something to different to every sign.

As resident astrologer at Love By Luna, Kyle Thomas says as the winds of change pick up and we are setting our visions forward, we start this chapter slowly picking up steam, due to the lingering effects of the infamous Mercury retrograde. (Which, btw, goes direct on March 28, so you can soon breathe easier.) “Even though we may feel like blasting right out of the gate, the initial slower energy can help us to better assess our strategy for the entire coming zodiac year,” he continues. “By looking at our deepest desires, goals, and ways we can improve self-love, we will have a more effective journey.”

Here, he predict what spring will bring for Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini and all of the rest:


As they always do, Aries will be charging right out of the gate this spring, thanks to Jupiter telling them it’s time to expand new horizons, according to Thomas. “With Jupiter in a fellow fire sign, this spills continuous blessings upon you, Aries, like an endless battery,” he continues. For the next three months a big focus for Aries will be relationships, specifically on March 20, April 19 and May 18. This is a great time to take a look at what brings joy to your life and what fills your day-to-day with toxic energy. Around June 17, Thomas suggests taking a trip or becoming involved with a spiritual or academic venture.

“Personal development, finances, and mental growth will also be big themes as the Sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury light up these personal areas of your sky,” he shares. When the new moon goes into your sign on April 4, you’ll have your grandest moment of all, as Thomas says, “The cosmos are opening a major door to you, so lead with your heart and create actions to build your empire.”


When the new moon happens on April 5, Thomas says Mercury and Venus will be dancing through your sectors of privacy, healing and rest, giving you a bit of a homebody mode for the start of the season. But when your birthday weeks come into focus on April 20, the planet of transformation, Uranus, will stay in your sign for a whopping seven years. So what does this mean? Warning: big ‘ole changes ahead -- especially in their careers.

“Some Taurus will also receive ‘their big break’ or launch to global fame,” he predicts. It’s important to pay attention to the new moon in your sign on May 4 because in the coming days you will be center-stage and able to be crowned with your heart’s desires, he adds. Since Jupiter will be in your orbit for all of spring, it’s important to pay attention to the balance in your relationships, as well as your emotional and sexual needs. “You have the power to give someone the entire world: but do they deserve it?” he asks.


You’re always the life of the party, Gemini, but this spring, you’re bringing down the house! “Your social life will definitely be a big focus at the start of the year with the Sun, the moon, Venus, and Mercury dancing through here early on in the season,” Thomas explains. Even with all of the fun things happening (just as you like them), you might notice yourself contemplating your long-term hopes and dreams, as well as seeing that every action you take now can lead you where you wish to be. The trouble will be in believing in your ability to make moves and be brave enough to go after what you want: “Have faith in your ability to change your life for the better, Gemini, because you are one of the most flexible signs of all. Your adaptability is a tremendous power, especially in a world that demands so much from you,” he adds.

On the other hand, thanks to Jupiter being directly across from you all springtime, you’ll feel on edge about one-on-one partnerships, whether in friendships, romance or business. “You’re going to be assessing these relationships, as well as wondering how you can become a better person in order to build healthier partnerships, too,” Thomas predicts. Pay attention to what’s happening in your world from March 31 through May 15, as you enter a two-year cycle when Mars sets up shop in your chart. “Launch everything you can during this time because as soon as Gemini season begins from May 21, you’ll be ready to reshape the world around you,” he suggests.


Get ready Cancer, your career is about to skyrocket. In the days after the new moon on April 5, Thomas says you’ll conquer a huge goal, so set a vision for yourself on what you want and who you want to surround you ASAP. In addition to all of the excitement in your business, your home and family life will also amp up on March 20 and April 19 with the full moons, challenging you to better balance these two responsibilities. “A huge focus will also be on your social life this season, with many of the planets showing you that your personal connections can actually provide support to your mighty ambitions if you get out there and work together,” Thomas continues.

Mars will burst into your orbit from May 15 to June 30, and with it, you’ll have more strength to make the world take note of your presence. During this time, Thomas suggests launching endeavors or shifting relationships in your favor. “With Mars giving you unmatched courage, you can dig into the trenches to get exactly what you want,” he explains. “Keep grinding, Cancer, the work will pay off.”


Lately, Leo, have you been feeling like your life is rather limitless? That’s because it is, according to Thomas. Now, you’re strategizing just how far you can grow and achieve. With the new moon on April 5 though, you’ll either want to pack your bags and hop a flight, or explore something that pushes you out of your comfort zone. “How can you spread your wings to fly? A major career pinnacle will soon be in reach as many of the planets glide into this zone throughout much of Spring 2019,” he predicts.

With all of this buzzing, use that lion voice and roar, as Jupiter challenges you to open your heart ride and far. This will make every part of your life feel more charge and creative, including under-the-sheet action. “Better yet, whether single or attached, your love life will be especially fertile during this time, too,” he continues. “With this sector of pleasure, adventure, and happiness shining so brightly for you, all you have to do is open your arms to the world and watch as the blessings spill in.”


While not your middle name, perseverance is something you have no shortage of — and that’s the theme of spring, for you Virgo. Jupiter is playing a big part in your family and domestic life all spring, bringing you endless blessings. What’s interesting though, according to Thomas, is this is the same zone that rules the foundation of your life and will challenge you to analyze your state of content. Are you really satisfied with where you are going? And who you are? “The only way to ever build a life of true fulfillment and happiness isn’t just through hard work in our careers or in our relationships, but also in facing ourselves completely. Take this time to dig up any of the dirt that is weighing you down and use it as fertilizer for the new growth you want to make,” Thomas suggests.

When the full moons happen on March 20 and April 19, you’ll be thinking about money, but also how well you connect with people in your line of work. “Expect to see a big career push to take place from March 31 until May 15, as Mars is making you more driven here, and expect June to also have some breakthroughs.” Around June 3? Thomas tells Virgos to think big and go for the gold, since hey, you’ll probably reach it, ever-determined you.


You always care more than anyone about relationships (of every kind), Libra, and that won’t change this spring. If anything, you’re only going to focus on it these ever-important foundations more — but probably not as you think. When the two full moons go through your sign on March 20 and April 19, the universe will be saying ‘Enough is enough! Stand up for yourself and what you believe in’, according to Thomas. “Sometimes Libra can allow themselves to be tread on in order to not rock the boat, but this is always at the expense of themselves rather than fulfilling what their hearts want most. You deserve to have balance in your relationships and be recognized for everything you bring to the table,” he explains.

The sun, moon, Mercury and Venus will be going through your chart from March to May, and they will teach you how to improve your relationships in meaningful ways. “Intimacy will continue to be a focus throughout May and June, so consider what your non-negotiables are with someone who stands at your side,” he shares. Your career, however, will be healthy and strong from May 15onward as you are sure to make some tremendous progress on projects or endeavors close to your heart, Thomas predicts. “If you buckle down and lose the distractions, you can crush goal after goal and rack up several victories that make your industry peers envious,” he adds.


Have the last few years been rocky for your career, Scorpio? There’s good news on the horizon this season, as your planets will push you to really dive in and not take ‘no’ for an answer, according to Thomas. This gives you a newfound sense of purpose and aspiration, which bodes well for promotions, title changes or even switching gigs completely. Uranus will move into your relationships, causing you to operate from a place of integrity and love, rather than playing the field. “Important relationship energy will also be the most significant focus of the entire Spring, as well, with many of the planets swimming through these areas of your chart,” he predicts.

Pay attention to May 18 when the full moon goes into your sign. As Thomas puts it, you’ll be cracking the whip as you love to do, encouraging you to step into the center of the ring and take control. “Jupiter taking up residence in your sector of income and values, you’re going to be able to generate more prosperity and focus on your personal worth,” he continues. “Are you happy with what you have acquired and if not, how can you vibrate in a different, more fulfilling direction?”


We hope you’re excited Sag, since Thomas says you’re in one of the absolute luckiest times of your life, as Jupiter brings ‘unlimited opportunity to every arena.’ As the planet of miracles, you probably have felt as if things are just falling into place lately. This is true — and is a trend that’ll continue all year long. On April 10 however, Thomas says you’ll be exploring some much-needed internal growth, requiring you to clear space inside of you to make room for the perfect changes you’ve long been hoping and wishing and crossing your fingers for.

“Love and creativity will be on your mind at the start of the Spring, though, with so much planetary magic working in your favor. Indulge in your own personal brand of pleasure these coming weeks because you won’t have this much opportunity for the rest of the year,” he suggests. If part of your goals for yourself include a new job or to be healthier, make a plan by May 4 to reap success. “The new moon on June 3 is begging you to communicate from your heart, but the full moon in your sign on June 17is telling you to snatch the crown and say: ‘Hey! Listen up! I know my worth and what I deserve: so give it to me,’” he continues. “You like the limelight, Sagittarius, so don’t shy away now.”


We hope you’re in the mood for romance, Capricorn, because that’s exactly what spring is going to bring you. In act, starting on March 30 through the rest of the year, you’ll be reassessing how you want your love life to develop, according to Thomas. Even though you usually lead with logic, you’ll be challenged to follow your heart and perhaps, be a little less strategic and a tad more loving. In other words: it’s time to take that leap of faith in love that you've been hesitant to do in the past. “With so much energy flowing into your zone of passion, adventure, and creativity, you’re going to want to break loose if you’re not getting all of what you deserve,” he continues. “Your fairytale love story does exist, so if you are not living it, get out.”

Because Uranus will be in your chart for the next seven years, you can rest easy that this planet won’t let you settle for anything less than what you deserve and desire. And, it usually means the real deal: “Your partner may become bolder or see some significant growth in their life at this time, or you may be attracted to someone with serious long-term relationship potential who has a fiery demeanor,” Thomas shares. “Trust that you both can work in tandem to become a ‘power couple’ if you merge your goals.” In addition to love, your career will also have some moments — on March 20 and April 19 — giving you the opportunity to steal the limelight in the office.


Spring could be an emotional time for you, Aquarius, since the planets will be directing energy toward your family and domestic life, stirring up complicated feeling on how you truly feel about yourself and where you are on your journey. You can expect this transition to begin on March 30 through the first week of June. In happy news though, your love and social life will be in full bloom — no pun intended — during this season as well.

“Jupiter will be smiling upon you from its perch in your zone of friendship the entire season. This is a fortunate blessing because it allows you to increase your network or find greater pleasure in your personal connections,” Thomas continues. “You may also notice that your network has the ability to help you find whatever it is that you’re hoping for: love, success, a new home, and beyond. Reach out and watch how everything can be possible.” No matter if you’re single or in a relationship, jot down March 31 as an important date because your love life will light on fire then. “Use this time to indulge in as much passion and pleasure that you can. The new moon on June 3 opens a door here, so if single, go out with friends to mingle, or if attached, plan some extra special dates for you and the boo,” Thomas recommends.


You have a major opportunity this spring, Pisces — so buckle up and get ready. Thomas says your career and reputation are the greatest focus of this season, and will continue to be for much of the year. “You are in a very profound period of your life where you can rise higher and faster than ever before. The stars are within your reach, Pisces, because Jupiter will continue to sing sweetly from the top of this mountain for you,” he continues.

Though he notes all of the months will be blessed for you by this energy, you should expect a major pinnacle achievement to occur around June 17. During this time frame, you will be working on something of massive importance that culminates at this time or receive some startling good news. Don’t worry though, it’s not only your career that’s of interest right now. When Mars enters your realm of love and adventure on May 15, you’ll be in the mood for romance. “If single, be sure to get out there. You may find luck with someone involved in your career or someone who has a higher level of success. If attached, be sure to plan dates that are active and physical, as well as indulge in some much needed intimacy,” he explains. “Sparks will be flying, so capture the heat.”

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