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10-Year-Old Boy With Autism Surprises Parents with Hidden Musical Mastery

10-Year-Old Boy With Autism Surprises Parents with Hidden Musical Mastery

How about some music to your ears?

A father was given the surprise of a lifetime one morning when the sounds of someone playing the family's piano filled their home's basement.

Jude Nyame Yie Kofie, of Aurora, Colorado wowed his father after he ventured downstairs and see his 10-year-old son playing the keyboard like a natural.

Jude's father Isaiah had never witnessed his son — who has autism — play music before.

"I was here watching the news when I heard him play something," said Isaiah. "So I grabbed my phone, went down there, and was like, 'Dude, play that again.'"

Jude was playing as if he had taken lessons for years, and his family quickly realized that their son has a gift.

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While this would be remarkable coming from any young child, Jude is not just any 10-year-old. The story is partially so remarkable because of the adversity Jude has faced. Jude was diagnosed with autism a few years ago, and as a baby overcame a series of heart-related ailments.

It seems that musicality might have been in Jude's blood.

His father, Isaiah, was also a musician and moved to the United States from Ghana with his wife Rose. He spoke of his dreams of playing on a big stage and shared that if he could not realize the dream himself, it is one he wishes for his children.

His son Jude is certainly playing for quite an audience at the moment.

The two started videoing their musical journey together and the results have turned Jude into an internet sensation, with national press coverage, and an appearance on various talk show programs.

The two create Youtube and TikTok videos of Jude playing the piano under the name JudekeyzOFFICIAL, reaching millions. The videos range from original songs to covers of gospel music, to encounters with other pianists.

"IT’S A MIRACLE," says the duo's YouTube channel. "Watch us for unadulterated, inspirational music on the keyboard. IT’S A MIRACLE."

The Viral Musical Talent Resulted in a GRAND Gift

When the story first made its rounds across the internet, it touched millions. One of the people it reached — a gentleman named Bill — was so moved, he generously gifted the family a grand piano, and a personal piano teacher for Jude to hone his natural talent.

Bill had first seen the video of Jude posted by the news station and felt called to action.

By gifting Jude and the family a grand piano, Bill felt that Jude would be able to hone his piano-playing skills while also honoring his father's legacy.

In between tears, Bill told reporters that watching Jude play the piano is like "looking at the face of God."

Jude was also gifted a professional pianist, Mr. Solomon, as his new training teacher.

Solomon says what "blows him away most about Jude is his enthusiasm, humility, and natural curiosity."

Though communication is often a hardship for many children with autism, it is clear that Jude found his language with music.

Watching him play the piano, it is hard to deny how natural it seems to come to him, and how calm he looks. His laugh is infectious, and his story rightfully touched millions across the country.

It's all music to our ears...

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