Against all odds, a four-month-old baby survived after over five days alone under earthquake rubble.

A remarkable story has come out of a devastating situation in Turkey.

In an incredible video shared widely across social media, men helping to look for survivors after a catastrophic earthquake his Turkey and Syria at the beginning of February.

A man wearing a hard hat and front lap clears construction debris and unbelievably pulls a small infant out from the debris.

Bruised and wide-eyed, the baby is silent as she is handed to workers who wrap it up and transport it to an ambulance to be taken to the hospital. But the crowd that has gathered around them is anything but silent.

Before he hands her off, the man that pulled the infant from the rubble kisses it on the forehead as the crowd cheers.


February’s earthquake brought down hundreds of buildings in Turkey’s Hatay province along the Mediterranean coast, including the young baby’s home.

Not only did the baby survive the earthquake and subsequent physical damage — but also endured being under the rubble for over 120 hours without milk, water, or food.

Adding to the miraculous discovery, the baby is said to have endured sub-zero temperatures at nighttime.

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Social media users are thanking God for the baby’s survival. Many of them wondering what the future will hold for the infant. Astonisghly, local authorities are claiming the baby did not suffer any long-term physical injuries.

The baby’s gender differs per source. It had been reported that the baby was a boy, but German journalist and photographer Hamdi Gökbulut — who was allowed to visit the baby in the Adana hospital — confirmed that the baby is a girl.

Unfortunately, the baby’s parents or other family members have not yet been found. Gökbulut confirmed that a midwife has been attentively caring for the baby since it’s been rescued.

As the days go by since the earthquake struck on February 6, the death toll has mounted. It currently stands at over 41,000 deaths.

Despite continued efforts to sift through the rubble, rescue, and recovery situations are dwindling rapidly.

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is working “around the clock” to rush essential relief to those impacted. People wishing to donate can visit the UNHCFR website.

While accurate facts relating to the tragedy are still unfolding, the small takeaway is appreciating more stories of hope that trickle through.