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Woman's Drink Is Drugged, What Bar Staff Does Next Is Lesson To Everyone
Bartender Safety
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Woman's Drink Is Drugged, What Bar Staff Does Next Is Lesson To Everyone

Thousands are raising their glasses to a bar that went to incredible lengths to protect its female patrons.

Cut the music

Bars are often seen as a place to unwind, see old friends and meet new ones. At their hearts are the bartenders who schmooze and serve their clients.

One curious Redditor named xXSlimi_Gacha009 asked mixologists about their wild reality.

“Bartenders of Reddit, what was the weirdest/craziest thing you have overheard while making someone’s drink?”

Their answers ranged from hilarious, to awkward, to disturbing.

Then, Redditor Pinkyfitts shared a story that blew up the thread. It took place at a bar in New Orleans called Tipitina's, a spot he described to Bored Panda as "not fancy, but has great music and is usually crowded."

He says that things were humming along until suddenly the lights went on and music stopped.

"We have a report that someone in the room possibly drugged a young lady's drink. We request that all women here immediately put down your drink and don't take another sip"

- Reddit User

"We will replace your drink for free. If you are that young lady, we will notify you when you come to the bar. If anyone else is feeling sick or weak please let us know."

As the action was kept on ice for over an hour, patrons applauded without a complaint.


The viral post gathered over 7,500 mostly positive comments.

"Man if I heard a bar that did that, that would be my go-to bar forever. Love it," said one.

"I am so grateful that this place took it so seriously! Not only did they save a life or an assault from happening but they drew awareness to everyone there! Bravo!"

- ic3sides197, Redditor

"Bar owners worldwide: THIS is what you should all be doing!"

Safety is shared

Over the years, bars have taken patron safety far more seriously. Organizations like Bartenders Against Sexual Assault teach members how to respond to harassment and recognize if someone might be drugged.

Some bars have even placed a Friends-themed sign in the bathroom, instructing customers to ask for Rachel if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

While bars and clubs might have VIP sections, safety belongs to everyone. That includes being safe from being abused, drugged or taken advantage of.

And just like the good people of Tipitina's showed, when you take drastic action to make things safe, everyone feels the love.

"This made me tear up a bit. I love when we take care of each other"

- spacekadette814, Redditor

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