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Best Way To Write A 5-Paragraph Essay

In case you’ve been looking for some great insights on how to write a good essay in easy, step-by-step manner, this article will give you exactly what you need. All you need to do is follow the given directions properly and note down the important points somewhere. Try not to choose a cheap writing paper for this, instead make a one-time investment and jot the requirements down in a new diary or make a soft copy online. This will help you to write great essays in future. Before you start, remember that an essay is always complete only if it has the below-discussed 5-paragraphs. So, quickly, let’s begin learning how a 5-paragraph essay is written.

Student Writing an Essay with coffee

Best Way To Write A 5-Paragraph Essay

1.First Paragraph - The Introduction

Every essay begins with an introduction. This should be to-the-point and should explain the purpose behind the essay being written. In other words, this can be a summary or the main crux of the entire essay. To simply write it, make sure you pick an introduction of each paragraph and place it here.  These can also the main points you want to highlight in each of the following paragraphs which would give the readers a glimpse of what they will be reading. Use an easy-to-understand language and don’t make it too flowery so that the readers continue reading without picking their dictionaries up. The tip is to keep it short and crisp!

2.Second Paragraph – Main Body/ Main Idea

Second paragraph is very crucial and critical part of the essay. While the intro is kept short, the body segment of the essay is comparatively long. It is about the most important ideas, information, facts and data involved in the essay. If there are no factual numbers in your essay and you are finding it hard to construct a paragraph, look for the fundamental thought behind the essay. Answer yourself – what are the intricate details and not-to-miss ideas that you want to discuss with your readers – and this will be your goldmine for writing your essay. Hold the reader’s interest by giving them only the most descriptive segments of your article here. Be very expressive and think like a gold-miner to take out the important points. Once this is done, we will move to the third part of the essay.

3.Third Paragraph – The Second Main Idea

You can use the third paragraph as an extension to the main body or you can slowly shift your reader’s attention to the second main idea of your essay. But keep in mind this should not be a jump but should be slow and steady transition with a connection to the above paragraphs. Think of it as a tributary to the main river. Talk to your readers of how the idea you are discussing is related to the crux of your essay and what else requires their attention. To write it easily, focus on highlighting the main ideas in the body with enriching explanations.

4.Fourth Paragraph – The Third Main Idea

Now that you’ve reached this part, include the less critical pointers which you’ve not mentioned in above paragraphs. If you have another main idea to write about do it here. Just keep in mind to not to lose focus and rushing the readers away.

5.Fifth Paragraph - The Conclusion

Your 5-paragraph essay will be incomplete without the conclusion. So, make sure you don’t forget about it. You will be finishing your essay here and the ending must have all the vital points summarized in this section. For example, if it’s a research essay, keep the readers excited about the closure and reveal your findings here. In the end, clear all the doubts here and give your readers a well-ended essay.

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