One couple finally adopted a child after many unsuccessful attempts to conceive, proving that “families don’t have to match.”

*This story was submitted by Sadie Sampson to Love What Matters.

Families are not made by blood, they’re forged from love. Sadie and Jarvis Sampson know this firsthand.

Sadie and Jarvis were married in 2018 and have been looking forward to starting a family ever since. They were ready to fill up their home in Houston, Texas, with their very own children, but that was proving more difficult than they had expected.

Why One Woman Never Gave up on Her Dream to Become a Mother

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The Sampsons ordered vitamins, visited doctors, and took ovulation tests, all in an effort to conceive their own child. Nothing was working. Instead of children, the Sampsons had an abundance of negative pregnancy tests.

A friend called Sadie and Jarvis one day asking if they would foster a child for a while. This friend of theirs knew a couple who was pregnant and wanting to give the child up to foster care or adoption.

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Despite their interest in building a family, Sadie and Jarvis were hesitant at first. The two were not sure that they would be able to foster this child without getting attached to it, but the biological parents of the baby encouraged Sadie and Jarvis to commit, and finally the Sampsons agreed.

The caseworker overseeing the child’s case relayed to Sadie that the biological parents actually decided they didn’t just want Sadie and Jarvis to foster their child, they wanted them to adopt it.

How One Couple Proved Love Is What Makes a Family

Sadie couldn’t believe what was happening: They were finally going to be parents. Still, they were nervous throughout the entire adoption process, worried that something would happen and they would be denied a child again. Fortunately, there was no reason for the worry.

The baby boy was born surrounded by his biological parents and his adoptive ones. He was named Ezra, and Sadie got to hold him immediately. She cradled him in her arms with a big smile on her face.

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Ezra was their son, but he didn’t look anything like them: Ezra is white, and Sadie and Jarvis are Black. But the difference in the color of their skin didn’t matter, all that mattered was that Sadie and Jarvis loved Ezra, and he knew it.

Their little family didn’t stop there. Thanks to an embryo donation, Ezra got two new sisters. Sadie carried them in her womb, and when they were born, the Sampsons named them Journee and Destinee. Like Ezra, the Sampson daughters were born white.

On social media, the Sampsons spread their story. They show their audience that families don’t need to look alike, they just need to love each other. And one thing’s for sure: Sadie and Jarvis love their children.

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love makes a family
 “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” — Richard Bach