The CEO of a company in Salt Lake City surprised all of his employees with $10 million in holiday bonuses to recognize their hard work and contribution.

It’s pretty common to feel like we’re in a position or career where we’re just going through the motions, trying to get to that next paycheck or the next vacation.

Yet, every now and then, we get a reminder that there are ways to manage a team and show them you care, it is alright to hope for, and expect better treatment from those we work with.

Companies from all over just got the best bit of holiday inspiration, via St. John Properties, a commercial real estate firm in the Mid-Atlantic, which just gave out $10 million in holiday bonuses to their employees!

He surprised every single employee

This incredible gift came during the company’s holiday party in Salt Lake City, Utah, where all 198 employees were presented with a sealed envelope. Then, company owner Edward St. John took to the stage and said each envelope contained a bonus check based on time with the company.

In total, the company ended up giving away $10 million in holiday bonuses at an average of $50,000 per employee.

“What happened tonight was magical. It is life changing,” said one tearful employee. “That was so generous.”

When St. John was asked what prompted him to give away such sizable bonuses, he simply said:

They’re the ones who make the boat go. Without the team, we are nothing—absolutely nothing.

A reminder of our potential

Sometimes, it may feel like our efforts at work or at home may go unnoticed but that’s why it’s important to recognize them on a personal level. In doing so, it helps us better appreciate our colleagues, family and friends for their own efforts.

When we show our appreciation, not only during the holiday season but every chance we get, we contribute to improving morale and team spirit. Furthermore, it helps to reminds us of our potential, both individual and collective, and leads us to the opportunities we deserve.

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