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7-Year-Old Boy Surprises His Babysitter With A Mini-Prom After Hers Was Cancelled
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7-Year-Old Boy Surprises His Babysitter With A Mini-Prom After Hers Was Cancelled

Curtis Rodgers decided to organize a mini-prom for his babysitter all by himself because he wanted to make sure she would celebrate the special day.

The coronavirus shutdown has denied many people the precious milestone in their lives; everything from birthdays to graduations, wedding days to proms have had to be cancelled or reported to another date.

As we have seen already, many people have found all sorts of creative ways to mark the experience in some little way, like one high school senior in Raleigh, North Carolina, who got to “go to the prom” – in a different--and smaller--way!

A little kid with a heart of gold

Curtis Rogers is only seven years old and about to go into second grade, but he showed he was wise beyond his years when he came up with the idea to create a mini prom for his babysitter, Rachel Chapman. 

For him, quarantine didn't mean that Rachel had to miss a special moment in her life, as he told CBS affiliate WNCN. He even asked her to the prom with a special "promposal."

I decided that we should just do this now because the coronavirus has people down in the dumps.

Curtis Rodgers

"It said 'Mini prom is not today, but will you join me on Monday,'" Rogers said.

He organized it all by himself

Two days later, Rachel put on a gown and met Curtis at his house. He organized it all by himself. The little boy thought of everything, from respecting social distancing to creating the perfect ambiance. He wore a bow tie and used a pool noodle to make sure they were practicing social distancing and staying six feet apart.

In true 7-year-old style, the menu Rogers designed included Chick-fil-A and smoothies. "I know we had everything she loves," he said.

“It was really sweet, really thoughtful. He even remembered my favorite drink and the condiments I like at Chick-fil-A," Rachel told WNCN.

The two even shared a dance— the pool noodle between them. The result was an unforgettable night for the two.

It doesn't matter what happens to you. It matters what happens to the people you love.

Kindness has no age

If there is anything we can learn from Curtis' adorable story, it's that there are no limits to kindness. At his young age, he already understood how much prom meant to Rachel--and acted accordingly to celebrate her special day.

If, for whatever reason, you are unsure about reaching out to someone, know that an act of kindness is never wasted. Rachel will surely remember her mini-prom for the rest of her life.

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