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Little boy in a red shirt, a couple taking a picture in a car and a car trapped under a tree (inset)

9 Year Old Saves Parents Crushed In Car Amid Tornado Storm

ABC News
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Parents Get Trapped Under Car in Tornado Storm - Their 9-Year-Old Jumps Into Action

He did the only thing he could think

In times of crisis, heroes often emerge in the most unexpected ways. Such is the story of Branson Baker, a 9-year-old boy from Dickson, Oklahoma, who demonstrated extraordinary bravery during a devastating EF-4 tornado.

His courageous actions saved his parents and serve as a powerful reminder of the resilience and strength found in even the youngest among us.

A Race Against Nature

Car trapped under tree.

Car trapped under tree

Lindy Baker/GoFundMe

On April 27, the Baker family found themselves in the path of a deadly tornado. Wayne and Lindy Baker, along with their son Branson, were racing to a friend's storm cellar for safety. As they drove, the tornado loomed ever closer, its destructive force visible within a mile or two. Wayne Baker described the harrowing moment:

"We could pretty much see this tornado within about a mile and two miles away from us. But as we turned, the tornado turned itself."

The situation turned dire when a tree, uprooted by the powerful winds, crashed onto their truck, trapping Wayne and Lindy inside. Despite his fear, Branson acted with remarkable quickness and presence of mind.

"I was really, really scared," the 9-year-old recounted to ABC News, but he knew he had to act.

"Please Don't Die" — One Last Hope For Help

A couple wearing sunglasses.

Branson Baker's parents, Lindy and Wade pose for the camera.

Baker Family, KTVT via CNN

In a moment of pure courage, Branson managed to escape from the wrecked truck. His thoughts were with his parents as he ran for help, telling them, "Don't die," before sprinting over a mile to find assistance. Wayne Baker marveled at his son's bravery: "Branson sprung into action really quick. He's very courageous for a 9-year-old boy. Not many adults would have done what he did."

The urgency of the situation was palpable for Wayne's brother, Johnny Baker, who was on the phone with the family when the tree hit. "About that time, you start hearing some dinging on the glass, like, maybe hail and then boom. And the phone went silent," Johnny recalled. He and his wife rushed to the scene, with his wife calling 911. Branson, determined and undeterred, returned with help alongside the first responders.

Wayne Baker is now recovering from injuries to his back, neck, and arm, while Lindy remains in the hospital. Through it all, Wayne's pride in his son shines brightly. "You couldn't be more proud to be a father of a son that can accept a challenge that way," he said. "Shows that he would go above and beyond for anyone."

Triumph In The Face of Adversity

young boy smiles with face paint and baseball helmet on.

Branson Baker, 9, batters up!

CBS News

The day after the tornado struck, Branson displayed his resilience and spirit in another way — on the baseball field. Despite the traumatic event, he hit a home run and turned a double play, dedicating his performance to his parents. His actions on and off the field are a testament to his strength and determination.

Branson’s story is a powerful reminder that heroes can come in all sizes and ages. His quick thinking and fearless actions in the face of a deadly tornado saved his parents and inspire us all. In moments of crisis, it is the courage and resilience of individuals like Branson that shine through, reminding us of the extraordinary capabilities within each of us, regardless of age.

For those wanting to help, the Bakers have a GoFundMe to help cover medical expenses for the family.

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