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Bride Sends Powerful Facebook Message From Beyond The Grave
Bride Cancer
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Bride Sends Powerful Facebook Message From Beyond The Grave

Gemma Sisson passed away after a long battle with cancer. Only a few hours later, her loved ones receive a powerful Facebook message from her.

Gemma Sisson was a professional body builder at the top of her career, and her personal life, when tragedy struck.

She had been together with Ricky Moore for 16 years when she was diagnosed with cancer in April 2018. She underwent weeks of radiotherapy and a year of aftercare.

But then, the cancer came back

As part of the second round of treatment, Gemma had a 10-hour operation to try and repair her spine where the cancer had reappeared. Many treatments followed, but eventually she was told she didn’t have much time left to live.

So Gemma married her true love Ricky right after being admitted to the hospice in Leeds, West Yorkshire. In a Facebook post on Ricky's account, who did not leave her side until her last breath, Gemma shared: "Although I have come to terms with the fact I'll be dying in the next few days or weeks, there really is no way to sugar coat it, being in a hospice fully paralyzed at 39 waiting to die is pretty fucking shit to say the least."

Only a few weeks later, she died in his arms.  

Hours after her death, Gemma posted a Facebook post

Only hours after her death, her friends and family read a social media post that stunned them all: "if this is being posted it means I’ve finally died after weeks of clinging on far too long.”

“Although I’ll be heartbroken to leave behind all my loved ones I’ll be so glad to get away from what this bastard disease has left me as," Gemma wrote.

Her posthumous message was also a plea for change, as she hopes her story would help other potential patients get diagnosed much earlier.

I really hope that by sharing my cancer story and petitioning for secondary cancers scans to be made mandatory I’ve made a positive impact, and even if only one person gets some help from this then I will feel like I have accomplished something good.

Gemma Sisson

She left her loved ones with a positive message

"I really can’t thank Rick enough who has been by side all the way and given me an amazing amount of love and support throughout this horrific time," Gemma wrote. "I want all my loved ones to know that the pain and suffering has now stopped and I am now finally at peace."

She went on to thank her followers "for all the support I have received", before adding one last powerful message.

If anyone is going to take anything from this, it is that life is short and that we all think these sort of things will never happen to us. Well I thought that, and let me tell you now, this could happen to any one of us. So live your life to the fullest, don’t take anything or anyone for granted because none of us really know what is around the corner.

Gemma Sisson

The end of a life is not the end of love

Ricky also posted, in response to his wife's posthumous message.

"You are now finally at peace Gemma. My best friend. My wife. My family. My lover. My confidant. My business advisor. You were everything I ever needed or wanted all wrapped up in to one amazing human being," he wrote.

Just like his strong wife, Ricky also had a powerful message to share. Her love still inspires him beyond the grave.

A massive part of me is now broken that can never be repaired but I have made you a promise, which is that I am going to live every single minute of the rest of my life making you f**king proud!! ‘And I know you’re going to be watching over my every move to make sure that I keep my promise!

Gemma's last instinct to send a message to her loved ones is a touching testament of her willingness to leave them with a powerful lasting final impression. Her post is a reminder that we should value the time we have with the people we love, and not be afraid to express our appreciation.

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