Planning and organizing a wedding is no small feat, especially when you’ve got 200 guests coming. Mishaps can happen, as one Oregon bride-to-be overwhelmed with work and wedding planning found out.

Cassandra Warren sent one of her invitations to the wrong address. Surprisingly, she got an answer back from the unintended recipient – one that made her day.

Warren thought she mailed an invitation to her aunt and uncle in Eugene, Oregon, who live just 20 minutes from her home. But the invite never made it to her relatives, as Cassandra realized when she got her own invitation back in the mail, according to The Washington Post.

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Warren was struggling with a particularly stressful day when she received the returned invitation. But when fiancé Jesse Jones opened the envelope and showed it to her, she found a handwritten note. “I wish I knew you – this is going to be a blast. Congratulations – go have dinner on me. I’ve been married for 40 years—it gets better with age,” it read. Attached was a $20 bill.

Photo Credit: Cassandra Warren

Te anonymous do-gooder not only turned around the bride’s day, but proved she understood both Warren and her fiancé. Upon closer inspection, Cassandra realized the kind stranger also wrote “Livelong and prosper” on the envelope – a wish not only for a happy life, but also an acknowledgement of the couple’s love of Star Trek (their invites were Star Trek and Harry Potter-themed).

Thankful for the stranger’s kindness, Warren replied. She addressed it to Kind Stranger and wrote her own heartfelt note: “Thank you for the note and taking time to send it. Not many people would have done that. It was a big blessing after the day I was having. I am thankful for people like you still being in the world.”