One quick thinking drive-thru worker saved the day with an ice cream cone.

One unassuming Wednesday afternoon in Texas, Rebecca Boening was driving on the highway when her heart began racing and she began to shake. Familiar with the symptoms of her diabetes, Boening– age 61– quickly pulled off to the nearest exit and drove to a Burger King restaurant.

Luckily for her, a particularly thoughtful and resourceful Tina Hardy was working the register that day. Hardy, who has a diabetic husband, was able to recognize the severity of the situation, and help out Boening when she needed it most.

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Hardy told local Houston publication Chron that “[Boening’s] voice was shaky and she was slurring a little” when she ordered, and that she mentioned her diabetic condition. Knowing exactly what to do, Hardy quickly made an ice cream and rushed it to Boening in her car, knowing she needed the quick sugar. 

Going Above and Beyond

Hardy then told Boening to park near the drive-thru window so that she could continue to monitor the situation, despite also being on the clock at the time. Hardy kept a close eye on Boening as her glucose levels normalized and waited until traffic at the drive-thru window slowed.

When Boening returned to the window to thank Hardy, she asked to speak with her manager and soon after, asked if she could take a photograph of Hardy to share the story on her social media. 

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Boening made a post on Facebook later that week, in which she detailed the lengths to which Hardy went to help her, and shared the photo of her she asked to take after their encounter. The post quickly went viral, with over 230,000 shares, and tens of thousands of comments praising Hardy.

One such comment reads: “That was a great story. My grandson is also diabetic. It can happen quickly.”

This Act Touched the Hearts of Many

Many others were able to relate to the story, and shared their appreciation for thankless local heroes like Tina Hardy. Hardy told Chron “It was a pleasure helping her. I did not expect such a huge response to the story.”

In the post, Boening also shares a link to a fundraiser for Hardy, writing: “I have set up a fundraiser for Tina Hardy after it came to my attention that this hero doesn’t have a car. Please help me say thank you in a way that will change her life.” This type of positive forward momentum is part of what makes stories such as this one so special.

Though Boening was the recipient in her exchange with Hardy, she quickly became a benefactor, utilizing the power of social media to spread a message of benevolence. Who knows how many read the story and felt compelled to help others in their own life, and how many might be impacted globally by this one chance encounter in Amarillo, Texas.


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