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Bus Driver Has to Take an Alternate Route Because of Construction - What He Does for A Blind Passenger Is Recorded by a Witness
Driver Gets off Bus to Help Blind Man Cross the Street Due to Construction
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Bus Driver Has to Take an Alternate Route Because of Construction - What He Does for A Blind Passenger Is Recorded by a Witness

A 28-year-old bus driver comes to a passengers rescue.

Traffic and construction are annoyances to the best of us. But imagine you can’t see, and your entire route has been shifted.

That was the case for one blind man in Milwaukee, who had a hard time navigating his way around when construction altered his bus route.

A Not-So-Routine Trip

bus driver

For 20 years, Gene Hubbard took the same route to and from work every single day, according to CNN. So when construction altered that route, it was suddenly difficult for him to get around. A 28-year-old bus driver named Thaddaus Turner noticed his passenger was having a hard time, so he got out to help him.

“The route was barricaded, it was rough for me as a driver, I can only imagine how rough it was for him,” Turner told the publication.

A bystander witnessed the kind act and sent it to the Milwaukee County Transit System. They put together a whole post on social media about it, including a video from inside the bus.

“Thad Turner didn’t think twice before helping a rider who is blind across the street,” they captioned the post. “But for those who saw it, it was an amazing act of kindness.”

Going Viral

Before long, news outlets across the country picked up the story of the kind bus driver helping Hubbard. The attention surprised Turner, who said he never expected anyone to say anything about that day. After all, he was just doing his job.

“I was surprised when I saw it in the news,” he told CNN. “I didn’t think I would be here right now over something that is second nature to me and my colleagues.”

The "second nature" act meant the world to Hubbard, though.

“I just can’t say enough about all the bus drivers,” the 69-year-old said. “If I don’t have a regular locating point to start from, I may as well be in the middle of the ocean.”

Small Acts Make a Big Difference

This sweet story just goes to show you that doing small but simple things can pack a big punch when those acts are led by kindness. Turner put himself in someone else’s shoes and thought about what he would need in that situation, and his actions were hailed as heroic.

It’s a perfect example of an everyday action that is easy enough to execute but helps to make an entire community a better place.

In your life, you, too, can perform these small acts. It could be helping someone across the street, holding open a door, or offering to help carry packages to someone’s car or doorstep.

The point is to watch for opportunities and to step in whenever help is needed. And above all, lead with kindness. Because once we all do that, the world will certainly be a better place.

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