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Candace Cameron Bure's Reaction to Being Called “the Rudest Celebrity” May Change Your Mind About Her
candace cameron bure Jojo Siwa controversy

Candace Cameron Bure's Reaction to Being Called “the Rudest Celebrity” May Change Your Mind About Her

Jojo Siwa's recent viral TikTok called out Candace Cameron Bure's behavior on the red carpet eight years ago. Now Bure has spoken out about the incident - and so, it seems, has everyone else.

First impressions are tricky things. We only have one chance to make a good impression on someone new - and sometimes, we blow it. This was the case for Candace Cameron Bure the first time she met Jojo Siwa - an interaction Bure had completely forgotten about, but that Siwa vividly remembered.

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It's a good reminder that there are two sides to every story and we never know what someone else may be experiencing in their life at any given moment. And there is a true art to a well-crafted apology.

Jojo Siwa's Viral TikTok That Sparked Controversy

JoJo Siwa giving the peace sign and smiling

It all started with a seemingly harmless TikTok trend. Siwa, who has over 42 million followers on the social media platform, posted a TikTok on July 24 sharing her opinions on other celebrities - who was the rudest, who was her celebrity crush, who was the nicest, who was the coolest, and who 'did her dirty.'

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Despite only flashing photos of the celebrities for less than a second each, fans were quick to figure out who Siwa was naming. Her celebrity crush is Zendaya (and really, who doesn't have a crush on Zendaya?). Miley Cyrus is the nicest celebrity in her opinion, and Elton John is (obviously) the coolest. She jokingly flashed a photo of Spongebob Squarepants as the celebrity who did her dirty - but she wasn't joking when she named Candace Cameron Bure as the rudest celebrity.

Siwa's TikToks regularly get hundreds of thousands of likes and even more views. This TikTok in particular currently has over 1 million likes and eleven thousand comments. So it comes as no surprise that news of Siwa's callout quickly reached Bure herself.

The Red Carpet Event That Put Candace Cameron in Jojo Siwa's Bad Books

Candace Cameron Bure in blue checkered dress during an interview

Candace Cameron Bure and Jojo Siwa first met on the red carpet for the premiere of Fuller House eight years ago. Siwa grew up watching Full House and was a fan of Bure's. Naturally, the then-eleven-year-old Siwa went up to Bure and asked for a photo together.

Apparently in the heat of the moment Bure brushed Siwa off and left to take photos with other people, disappointing the young Siwa and sparking her impression that Bure is rude.

"I was 11, and I was a big, big fan, and I wanted to take a picture with her, and it wasn't a good time for her," Siwa said in a Page Six interview on July 27. "I will say because I had a bad experience, that doesn't mean that she is an awful human. I think it just was an inconvenient time for her, and little 11-year-old me was just so pumped up and so excited, but that doesn't mean she's the worst human ever."

Bure later said on Instagram that she didn't even remember this interaction, remembering instead their second meeting on The Kelly Clarkson Show - a much more positive interaction overall.

Candace Cameron Bure Addresses Jojo Siwa Controversy in an Instagram Video

JoJo Siwa and Candace Cameron Bure laughing on a couch during an interview.

On July 26, two days after the TikTok was posted, Bure took to social media herself to share her side of the story. In an Instagram video, she explained how she got in contact with Siwa to figure out what she did to get called out as the rudest celebrity.

"Honestly, I was shocked when I saw the TikTok on Sunday and had no idea where it came from," Bure explained on Instagram. "I immediately tried to reach out to her through a mutual friend. My publicist contacted her manager and I DM'd her. I didn't know what happened."

According to Bure, she and Siwa were able to connect earlier in the day on July 26. Apparently, Siwa didn't expect her TikTok to get picked up by the media, nor did she really feel that Bure's snub on the red carpet was that big of a deal.

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Nevertheless, Bure says she apologized not only to Siwa for the snub but to Siwa's mother, Jessalyn Siwa, for disappointing her daughter. "I know if anyone crosses my kids, Mama Bear comes out," Bure explained.

Bure went on to warn about the influence we all have on social media. "I think the lesson we can learn is to be mindful that no matter how many followers you have, even a ten-second trending TikTok video can do damage. Our words matter, and our actions matter. Whether you have 50 million followers, or 500 followers, or five followers, we all influence the people around us."

Bure closed out the Instagram video with a blanket apology to any fans she may have disappointed in the past. "If you've ever personally run into me and I was not the person you were hoping for or expecting, I just want to say I'm sorry."

The Response to Candace Cameron's Instagram Video

Candace Cameron Bure in green sweater with huge smile

The comments under Cameron's video are overwhelmingly positive and supportive. It seems most people agree with Cameron's approach of gleaning any lessons from this experience and moving on. Many people also applauded the grace with which she is handling the situation. There were, however, a few standout comments made about the whole thing.

Natasha Bure, Candace Cameron Bure's daughter, also took to Instagram, posting to her Story, "Respectfully, someone saying no to taking a photo with you is not a 'rough experience. This generation is so sensitive and has zero backbone. Grow up. There are bigger issues in the world than this." She has since deleted the post.

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Jessalyn Siwa, Jojo's mother, also sounded off, posting on Instagram a snippet of an old episode of her podcast recounting how Jojo was brushed off by Bure at the Fuller House premiere. According to Jessalyn, Bure responded to Siwa's selfie request by saying, "Not now, maybe later," and then proceeded to take photos with other kids at the event.

"At the end of the day this story, it’s not about a simple photo it’s about how you treat people. Real, genuine kindness always goes a long way," Jessalyn Siwa wrote in the caption of the Instagram post. "It’s super easy to quote a Bible verse when everyone is looking at you but morals are what you have when no one is looking." Ouch.

So, what's the takeaway from all of this? Perhaps our idols are people too, and they're going to have off moments. Who knows why Candace Cameron Bure didn't take that selfie with Jojo Siwa? She was probably just swept up in the excitement and stress of the premiere.

Perhaps we should also take a page from Bure's book - find the lessons to be learned from a negative situation, apologize sincerely, and then move along.


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