One father’s rude run-in with a close-minded client got an unexpected reaction while shedding light on the struggles of single parenthood.

Stay alone dad

28-year-old Richard Miley of Texas was accustomed to working double shifts.

Along with being owner of a power washing company, he is also a single father and a widower.

Since daycare is too expensive, Miley occasionally brings his five-year-old daughter Ashtyn along for client jobs. There, she spends time either giving out her dad’s business cards or playing with toys in the van while he works.

Rude client

Clients have generally been fine with it, until one recent incident.

“I arrived to wash [a woman’s] RV, Ashtyn knocked on the fence, and she came outside,” Miley tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “She looked at me like I was crazy and said, ‘Will your daughter be with you the whole time?’”

When Miley responded that she was, the client snapped.

 “Well you don’t need to come back here. A man needs to work and you need to learn that.” she said, and waved him away.

After the incident, Miley took to his community Facebook page to share his reality.

“It’s not my fault my kids lost their mother, it’s not my fault my youngest took it pretty hard and acts out too much to be in a daycare consistently. But I do my best every day to provide for my children”

Richard Miley

He also had a message for all potential clients.

“I just want everyone to know if you do choose All Seasons Powerwash for any of our services, my five-year-old will be with me!!!”

Local love

It wasn’t long before supportive comments from Texas locals came pouring in.

“If you happen to need a sitter I’m available… I’m a stay-at-home mom or I could go on site with you and watch her,” offered one commenter.

“Sorry to hear your loss. At least you are showing her what it means to work to make a honest dollar,” encouraged another.

“You should be an inspiration to fathers everywhere! You’re a good dad”

– A Facebook commenter

Since sharing his story, demand for Miley’s pressure washing services has soared. 

Single parenthood is tough but worth it

Miley wrote that while he isn’t seeking praise, he does hope his story changes perceptions. 

“People assume single dads don’t need as much help. Childcare is hard for guys, too”

Richard Miley

Richard Miley showed that single parenthood is a tough task no matter your gender.

In the end, Miley is a parent doing whatever it takes to support his daughter, even in the face of an angry client too shortsighted to see it.

Also, as he pleasantly found out, he has plenty of support.

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