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Mom Pulls Up to Starbucks Drive-Thru - Is Shocked When Her Coast Guard Son Pops Out of Hiding
U.S Coast Guard Son Surprises Mom at Starbucks Drive-Thru After 9 Months Away
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Mom Pulls Up to Starbucks Drive-Thru - Is Shocked When Her Coast Guard Son Pops Out of Hiding

One mother got more than a latte at her Starbucks that day.

Arguably the most important part of the holiday season is family. Time spent with loved ones is always special, and the holidays often offer time off from the obligations that can otherwise keep us apart.

However, some fields of work transcend the typical holiday break, and can keep families separated. For the Connors family in Visalia, California, this predicament is all too familiar.

The Incredible Surprise a Man Planned for His Mother

older woman hugging a younger man
Photo by Ron Lach

Quinn Connors, a son and brother, is also an active member of the U.S. Coast Guard, and was expected to miss the holidays back home. Quinn, however, had other plans, and with a little bit of help was able to pull off an incredible holiday surprise.

After Quinn’s sister learned that her brother would be returning home after nine months away, she helped plan a surprise with her neighbor who happened to be a Starbucks barista. 

Quinn’s sister, Hannah Connors told Starbucks in an editorial “My mother is a teacher, so I asked if I could help her in her classroom Wednesday morning. We love Starbucks. I suggested we get Starbucks on the way. She didn’t really want to go through the drive-thru. She always goes inside, but I was just like, ‘Oh, it’s so cold outside. We have to go through the drive-thru. I don’t want to get out of the car.’”

When they went through the drive-thru and arrived at the window to pick up their order, Quinn popped up and shocked his mother, who immediately started fighting back tears. According to Hannah, “She couldn’t get the car parked fast enough to get out and hug him.” 

How One Family Proved the Importance of Cherishing the Small Moments

We’ve seen plenty of videos of surprises like this, but they never seem to get old. The love between a mother and son, or a brother and sister, is like nothing else. In a video captured by Quinn’s sister, Hannah, it is clear Quinn’s mother has not seen him in a long time, as she is overwhelmed with shock and emotion. 

Hannah captioned a social media post about the surprise “my mom got a little more than a latte when we went to Starbucks this morning, welcome home Quinn we missed you!” which was met with love and even a shoutout from the official Starbucks Twitter page. Quinn’s father was even in on the plan, hiding inside the Starbucks and emerging during the big reveal.

The story was quickly picked up by local and even national news outlets, and Hannah admitted to a Starbucks spokesperson that “It got a little crazy, that’s for sure,” referring to the reaction.

That might be why her twitter account is now private and the video not viewable, but we can imagine the look on the faces of all members of the Connors family as they were reunited for the holidays.

The Connors family is a reminder to take nothing for granted, and keep your family close.


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