A picture-perfect summer day got even better when a father got the news his whole family had been waiting for.

Families come in all different forms and are created in all different ways. From pregnancy, donors, surrogates, divorce, adoption, blended families, and more, there are a myriad of ways to create a tight and loving family unit. 

There are so many expressions like, “Friends are the family you choose for yourself.” Those expressions really encompass how important and special friendships are in our life. 

The Surprising News One Man Announced to His Son

The truth is, though, that there is something magical about being “officially family.” Sharing the last name of someone you love and respect is a badge of honor, a sign to those around you that you and your people are family — that there is no tearing you apart! 

So, when Chris Overton shared a video of himself on TikTok letting his son know that he was officially adopted — and they would officially share a last name — the video went viral.

The video opens on a familiar, and enviable, scene. Two little boys are roughhousing in the pool on floaties, giggling. Suddenly their father jumps in, screaming one of his son’s names “Jameson!” 

Jameson furiously giggles, anxiously excited and afraid that his dad was going to dunk him in the pool.

“Come here, we have news for you.”

Jameson continued to giggle, thinking the news was a trick and that his dad was going to throw him in the pool.

Finally, Chris was able to convince Jameson that he was not going to throw him in the pool. He got close to Jameson and whispered “I’m your dad now.” 

Jameson was speechless and overcome with emotion. At first, all he could muster was an excited squeal. Then, he just said, “Yes! I love you dad” and threw his arms around his dad’s neck and squeezed hard. 

The Father Who Would Stop at Nothing to Become Family

Chris then told Jameson that his last name was now Overton, just like his dad. He didn’t have to hyphenate anymore. Their family ordeal, which remains a mystery in the video, was finally over. 

Jameson and Chris hugged tightly for a long time. The display of father-son love had the whole family in tears.

Chris Overton didn’t let a legal battle stop him from becoming Jameson’s father. He also didn’t let a broken leg stop him from sharing the news with his little boy! It was revealed that when Chris jumped into the pool to talk to Jameson, he was doing so with a broken leg!

The story of Chris and Jameson is a heartwarming tale that reminds us that family is everything, no matter how it is formed.

If the family you are born into isn’t the one that has your best interests at heart, there is always the opportunity to build a new family full of love and play.

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