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Dad and Daughter Notice a Hungry Homeless Man Watching Them Eat - Then They Do Something Incredible
dad and daughter invite homeless man to their restaurant table and buy him food
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Dad and Daughter Notice a Hungry Homeless Man Watching Them Eat - Then They Do Something Incredible

One photo of a father, a young girl, and a homeless man went viral after the photographer explained its origins.

*Featured image contains photo by Clay LeConey on Unsplash

Bak kut teh — a dish of pork ribs, broth and spices popular in Malaysia — is often shared among friends and family. This time, it was shared with a stranger. 

While eating outside a bak kut teh shop in Malaysia in May 2019, Willy Chong watched a beautiful moment transpire.

Chong said he noticed a homeless man hanging around the shop stroking his stomach and watching customers eat. “He was watching and watching,” Chong said.

Why One Father Invited a Homeless Man to His Table

dad and daughter
Photo by Jonas Kakaroto on Unsplash

Another man noticed the homeless person too, and took action. He invited the man to join him and his daughter at their table, and then he ordered more food to share.

The young girl accepted the stranger immediately and told her father to order him a cup of Chinese tea.

Chong was wowed by the young girl and her father’s kindness and snapped a photo of the trio eating together. Then, Chong uploaded the picture to Facebook.

“The world is warm, I admire this father and daughter very much,” Chong said in the caption.

The post went viral as people commended the kind act. 

“Good heart, good karma,” a user commented.

Many people specifically praised the father for teaching his daughter acceptance and compassion.

“He is teaching her well,” wrote one viewer.

Chong is right: There is warmth in the world — that was made clear the moment the father offered the homeless man some food. But in addition to spreading kindness to others, modeling kindness to the next generation is so important. The world is warm, and fathers like this are what is going to keep it that way.

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"Compassion is the wish to see others free from suffering." - Dalai Lama

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