Any child knows the embarrassment a parent can bring, but in one case it led to a fruitful relationship.

In a story told over social media app TikTok, one woman was set up with a stranger at a pub– a story not that unusual until you learn who set her up.

Unexpectedly ‘wingmanned’ by her own father, Alice James of Melbourne, Australia recounted the story to millions on TikTok who were dying to know what happened next. 

Alice James was enjoying a pint with her father after the opening night of Six the Musical when her dad pulled the most unexpected move. The 30-year-old told publication FEMAIL that she and her father were ‘talking garbage’ before her dad, Darren, pointed out an attractive guy who looked around his daughter’s age sitting at the bar.

From Dad to Wingman

Alice recounts how she also noticed the gentleman when he walked in, and apparently that is all her Dad needed to hear, as soon after he was up out of his seat approaching the unexpecting man. 

Apparently, Darren quickly struck up a conversation with the patron and his friend, and not long after asked his age, and if he was single. Alice recalls, “Dad then pointed to me saying “well this is my daughter and she is very single.”

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While many might recoil at the thought of their parent turning the spotlight on them in such a way, Alice retells the story with a smile, clearly appreciative of her father’s thoughtfulness. Alice goes on to reveal how “as the night went on we all kept chatting until the two boys at the bar got up to leave and dad stopped them saying: “Wait! You can’t leave! You haven’t exchanged numbers!”

He then even went so far as to grab the order pad from the bar to facilitate the process. Apparently ‘the boy was so nervous that he actually handed his number to my dad instead of me,’ Alice said. Seemingly unfazed by the ordeal, she added the situation was “hilarious.”

Lucky to Have Found Each Other

Alice sent the man a text the following morning saying ‘Sorry about my dad’ with a laughing emoji. She added “’I wasn’t sure if he was interested or dad had just forced him to talk to me. But he replied and said it was a treat to meet us both and invited me out to dinner a few nights later. After our first date we both just had such a good time, there were a lot of laughs and chemistry and it just felt refreshingly right.”

The encounter came at quite an opportune time for Alice, as she admitted that she had been feeling jaded by the dating scene. She recounted how weeks prior, she had stopped using dating apps as she “wasn’t having fun anymore.” 

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Speaking of the unexpected spark, Alice reveals “we had both been single for a while with some pretty grim dating history so we feel very lucky to have this connection that we do.” Alice has documented the trajectory of the budding romance on her TikTok account where many have found her story both encouraging and funny.

Since the fateful night at the pub, the two have continued to go on dates Alice described as “amazing”, and after getting to know each other, the guy from the pub asked Alice to be his girlfriend – and she said yes. You never know what might come from a chance encounter at a pub, and oftentimes our parents really do know best.


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