A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart.

One California teen’s prom pictures have gone viral on social media but not only for her beauty and exquisite dress but also because of her dapper date — her grandpa.

Not having a date for her grade twelve prom photos, Lancaster High School student Kaylah Bell’s grandpa took the matter into his own hands.

Kaylah’s plans were to attend the dance with a group of her friends. But her grandpa, Alvin Hackett, had a special plan for her big night.

The Special Way One Man Stepped in for His Granddaughter

elderly man with his granddaughter
Kaylah Bell/Twitter

Kaylah and her classmates met up before the prom to get ready together and take group photos before their big night.

Once the girls were grouped in the front yard, Kaylah’s grandpa walked outside the house, wearing a sharp pinstriped suit, violet dress shirt and pink tie that color-coordinated perfectly with Kaylah’s pink and violet ballgown style dress and custom cape.

Hackett wanted Kaylah, 17, to have memorable prom photos and decided that he would be her prom photo date. Hackett even bought his granddaughter a rose corsage and a coordinated boutonniere for himself.

“I asked my grandpa to take pictures with me because I knew that he had never had a prom, and he hadn’t experienced getting dressed up and buying a corsage and all of that,” Kaylah told Fox News. “I also know how well he dresses every single Sunday for church,” she said, adding that her grandpa is their congregation’s pastor.

“My friends thought it was so adorable, because they knew how hard it was for me to find a date, and they know how much I love my grandpa,” gushed Kaylah.

“Everyone was taking pictures of us. I think it made his day!” said Kaylah. She later shared the photos on Twitter with the caption, “My papa knew I didn’t have a date to my prom, so he matched me!”

How One Grandfather Helped a Teen Create a Special Memory

elderly man taking a picture with his granddaughter
Kaylah Bell/Twitter

Kaylah’s post quickly went viral, with over 91,000 likes, 10,000 shares and hundreds of comments.

One person commented that Hackett was “dapper AF,” remarking, “I really hope I age this well.”

Kaylah received compliment after compliment on her gorgeous dress and her own beauty. One fellow stated she was “fine as hell”, which was why “no man was worthy enough to be her date.”

Hackett wasn’t able to attend the prom with Kaylah (the age limit of 21 disqualified her 67-year-old grandpa) but he chauffeured her to the event, taking more photos once they arrived.

Hackett succeeded in making Kaylah’s night one that she will never forget.

“My papa matching was truly a blessing to me, it makes me emotional to think about it because we are super close,” Kaylah told Fox. “I really just felt blessed that I was able to create this memory with him.”

Kaylah is now studying at Azusa Pacific University and said that she’ll forever cherish the “happy memory” of the prom pictures with her beloved grandpa.