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Dave Grohl - I'm Gonna Do That (Motivational)

Dave Grohl - I'm Gonna Do That (Motivational)


"I was lucky enough to grow up in a musical family in an environment that encouraged music. Parents that never told me not to listen to fucking Slayer, you know what I mean? I listened to some really, really fucked up shit. But my parents never told me not to because I was finding myself. So mom, thanks. There really were no awards or ceremonies or trophies. It was all about doing it for real and the reward was doing it right and sharing a community of music. Helping other musicians and inspiring people. 'Cause I think that's the deal is that you look up to your heroes and you shouldn't be intimidated by them, you should be inspired by them. Don't look at the poster on your wall and think, fuck I could never do that. Look at the poster on the wall and think, fuck I'm gonna do that. And then you do this."

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