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David Spade Donates $5K to Viral Burger King Employee Who Received Petty "Goodie Bag" After 27 Years of Working For Fast Food Chain

David Spade Donates $5K to Viral Burger King Employee Who Received Petty "Goodie Bag" After 27 Years of Working For Fast Food Chain

Do you know what's one of the worst feelings in the world?

Opening your paycheck after two weeks and thinking there must be a zero missing.

And then doing the math and realizing there isn't.

What thanks do you get after working 40 hours a week on minimum wage, for 27 years?

Well apparently if you work at The Burger King in the Las Vegas Airport and your name is Kevin Ford, what you get is a pack of Reese's, a Starbucks reusable cup, two pens, and one movie ticket.

The $10.25/Hour Question: Have Billion-Dollar Corporations Lost Touch With Their Minimum Wage Employees?

No sh*t.

One may even say that to "lose touch", would require one to have ever been "in touch."

According to public stats of Burger King's worldwide revenue in 2022, Statista reports the fast food chain made 1.89 billion in revenue last year and 1.81 billion in 2021.

In Ford's case, he allegedly received a bag of Reese's chocolate, a reusable Starbucks cup, two pens, and a free movie ticket as a reward for his 27 years of service.

If you ask me, for a man who in his own words "never missed a single day of work," and gave 54,000 hours of his life to a billion-dollar company, I'd say he deserves more than a mediocre "goody bag."

Thankfully, David Spade agreed.

Kevin Ford's Go-Fund-Me Caught David Spade's Attention

When Ford received the "goody bag", he posted a video on his social media account, documenting what I dare call, the unboxing.


People Say You Can't Keep Workers Nowadays, He Even Worked Through the Early Covid Days, Never Missing A Day of Work, This Union-Guys Worked At Vegas' Airport for Over 27 Years, He Got Nothing on His 25th Anniversary Date, But Just Look How Grateful His Employer Was on His 27th Year... #Grateful #Loyalty #GoFundMe . . Thank You Everyone for All the Love and Support!!! 😊😊😭👍🏽💯 Your the Best!!! Kevin... #Thankful #LoyaltyPaysOff #HardWorkPaysOff #HMSShoutOut #TMZ #CNN #MSNBC #Reels #UnionStrong #Honor

The father of four — who originally began working at Burger King when he gained custody of his two oldest daughters — shared a genuine video of himself being thankful for the gift.

While remaining thankful in the video, users on social media thought the 54-year-old deserved much more — so, as the internet often does, it rallied together.

Burger background quote 1100x1181

-Kevin Ford

Despite how enraged the internet was on his behalf, in several interviews following the viral video, Ford maintained an earnestly humble position about his HMS swag bag.

"I was honoured, it was nice and I loved it," Ford remarked. "One lady’s been there for 35 years, they didn’t get anything that I know of so I was happy." 

However one of his Ford's daughters thought her dad deserved more, and unbeknownst to Ford she set up a GoFundMe and shared her father's story, which caught the attention of comedian David Spade.

David Spade donated $5,000 to Kevin Ford's Go-Fund-Me

"My dad continues to work [at Burger King], because though he does look young he is coming up on retirement age and leaving would cost him his retirement. In no way are we asking for money or is he expecting any money but if anyone feels like blessing him he would love to visit his grandchildren."

- Kevin Ford's Go-Fund-Me Campaign

When Saturday Night Live alum, David Spade caught wind of Ford's story, he reached out to the Burger King veteran himself.

David spade screenshot scaled
Ford shares a screenshot of Spade's congratulations

The Joe Dirt star messaged Ford directly to congratulate him on decades of hard work.

But that's not all he did.

Spade was so moved by Ford's story, he donated $5,000 dollars to Kevin Ford's Go-Fund-Me campaign.

With Spade's vital funds and public good-deed attracting a "stars aren't just like us but they can be good people too" angled-coverage, Ford's story was widely reported by the press and the initiative went viral.

David Spade's Donation Sky-Rocketed the Campaign

In an extremely happy turn of events, Ford's story touched so many people that the campaign has now raised over $400,000.00!

Ford has documented his journey on several social media platforms, including a website where Ford shows his support for other charitable causes.

The grandfather of three maintains he will put aside the funds for his grandchildren's education and maybe just maybe...even take the day off. With the support of over 13.4k donors Ford's amassed an insane amount of money!

Not like you need me to put in perspective, but just for old time's sake:

$18 [per hour] x 2000 [hours] = $36,000 [per year]

How many years would Kevin Ford have to work at Burger King to make $400,000?

$36,000 [salary] x 11 [years] = $396,000 [dollars]

WHICH MEANS: With the help of David Spade and 13,400 other beautiful people via the campaign, Ford just collected what it wouldn't have even made in 11 years (net)!

David spade makes dreams come true

And while I absolutely gain at least three pounds every time I go for "Sunday Gravy" at my Nonna's house and I'm pretty much choking on the chemtrails as I write this sentence, I'd say, sometimes, us humans show up pretty damn good.

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