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Demarjay Smith | A 12-Year-Old’s Inspiring Message to the World
Demarjay Smith Speech
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Demarjay Smith | A 12-Year-Old’s Inspiring Message to the World

Demarjay Smith - No Weakness

12-year-old Demarjay Smith delivers the most epic motivational speech you'll ever hear: Shark of the ocean, believe it, achieve it, become it.


Let me tell you something, God tapped me on my shoulder and he told me he was giving me a gift. He said, I'm giving you this gift, but let me tell you, this is not a easy, you get it, you sit down, and order that. This is you work, you put in work, you fight, you're dedicated to do this, the job, he told me that this job won't be easy because I have to fight for what I want because what you want won't fight for you.

This is hard work and dedication, let me tell you, if you want a education, you have to go to school to learn knowledge, school don't come to you, you have to go to school. We come here every day and trust me, trust me, follow my directions and trust me, you will be smart, remember, this is a big deal to open all these doors.

'Cause it's not gonna be sitting on your couch, watching TV, playing video games, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that's not how we're gonna do it, we're gonna put in that work, it's grind time baby, it's focus, we're focused, we want that muscle, we wanna build, we wanna make the basketball team, we wanna get a education, we want college, we want college people to approve us, we don't wanna go looking for college people, no, we want college people to be recruiting you, they're gonna see how smart you are, how intelligent, the big words you use, 'cause let me tell you something, you don't have to sign a application to get in the street because the street is for everybody, it's broken and new and it's like, come on, man, fall into this trap, come on, man, come on, you got this, come, focus on us.

No, no, no, no, no, you need that education, you need that education to go to college, you need to reach far, see the young Jamaican trainer up to this day I am still fighting. This muscle, that's what I am working for, I'm almost there, but I am going to achieve it.

But I am not there yet, I'm telling you, I am not there yet, 50%, 50%, but I'm still fighting. Train for the power, the will, nothing! Shark of the ocean, believe it, achieve it, become it, God gave everybody a gift, let me tell you this, God gave everybody a gift and he said it's not gonna be easy, you gotta keep on fighting for what you want, you see, I'm still working out each and every day, each and every night, each and every morning, this is grind time, stay in that mindset, stay focused, you have to fight for what you want because what you want won't fight for you.

You got this! Yes, yes, no weakness!

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