We all know how parents sacrifice for their kids. In one extreme example, one mother threw herself in harm’s way to protect her everything.

The dogs ambushed him

Samantha Bishop was in the front yard of her Anaheim, California home with her 2-year old son Grayson while husband Spenser was at work.

A surveillance camera captures Bishop petting two dogs belonging to her next-door neighbor before walking to the front yard.

Meanwhile, Grayson was near the driveway running behind a palm tree.

That’s when things took a dark, violent turn.

Suddenly, one of the dogs lunged at and bit Grayson. The second dog immediately rushed to attack the boy.

Mother-guided missile

With a full head of steam, Bishop bolted to her son, scooping him up as she raced to the front door.

However, she was unable to find her keys. And so, for five agonizing minutes, Bishop cradled her son with one arm as she fought the dogs back with the other.

She finally made her way inside with Grayson as responders soon arrived.

The little boy was rushed to the hospital, where he required cosmetic surgery on his face.

The healing begins

Husband Spenser told Inside Edition that he couldn’t get himself to watch the footage because it’s too upsetting.

“She screamed at the top of her lungs, she was trying to protect her little boy, I think she did a damn good job,” he told Inside Edition. “As soon as I got to the doorstep and there was blood everywhere, I lost it. A firefighter had to pull me away and he cried too. He was very upset.”

There was some positive news for little Grayson. The first responder firefighters paid him a surprise visit, giving him gifts and letting him sit in the firetruck.

A mother’s love is limitless

Although she’s still too shaken to speak, Bishop’s attorney Richard Patterson told the Mercury News that she deserves supermom status.

“She is the miracle mom. She brought all of her strength and energy to bear. Every ounce of it.”

– Samantha Bishop’s attorney Richard Patterson

It’s crazy when you think about it: Our parents loved us before we even existed.

When it comes to protecting her child, there is no price too high for a mother to pay. While she might have physical and mental wounds from the ordeal, you can bet that Samantha Bishop would do it all – and more – again in a heartbeat.

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