A 76-year-old man living in extreme poverty received a new home thanks to a pizza delivery driver who promised she was going to help him.

Domino’s driver Angela Nguyen regularly delivered pizzas to Lee Haase in the outskirts of Anoka County. “He likes to order every Saturday,” Nguyen told USA Today. “About 10:15 you are going to get an order from Lee.”

Why a Domino’s Delivery Driver Helped a 76-Year-Old Man

When Haase was hit by a terrible set of circumstances, Nguyen and her daughter Sarah Hughes, also a Domino’s driver, noticed.

Haase’s house became unliveable after a powerful storm damaged the roof. Then, his son had died in a snowmobile accident.

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Hughes noticed 76-year-old Haase living alone in a 12-foot camper with no heat, no plumbing, and no electricity. “I thought we got to do something. We got to do something. We can’t let a human being live like this,” Nguyen told USA Today.

First, she bought him a heater for the camper. Then, on advice from her daughter, Nguyen started a GoFundMe page for Haase.

How a Domino’s Delivery Driver Proved the Importance of Reaching Out

In two months, the page raised $32,000, and Nguyen used it to buy Haase a fully-furnished trailer.

Every single one of us enjoyed doing this. This ain’t all for Lee. We all benefited.

Angela Nguyen to USA Today

“You remember when this started and I promised you we were going to help you?” Nguyen told Haase when she, her daughter, and a dozen volunteers unveiled his new home to him.

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Except for Haase’s clothes, everything inside the trailer was donated by the community.

Haase is so grateful to what he calls his new extended family. “It’s wonderful. I’m so grateful for the people doing this,” he told USA Today.

Nguyen and her daughter remind us to take the time to get to know the people around us and the situation they’re in. You might end up changing someone’s life.


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make an effort to reach out
“Ah, kindness. What a simple way to tell another struggling soul that there is love to be found in the world.” ― Alison Malee