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Man Receives $1,300 Instead Of Domino's Chicken Wings- What He Does Next Is A Reminder To All
honest man finds $1300 in dominos box, returns it
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Man Receives $1,300 Instead Of Domino's Chicken Wings- What He Does Next Is A Reminder To All

One man was stuck in a moral dilemma when he received a large amount of cash concealed in a box of Domino's chicken wings.

When a California man ordered wings from Domino's, he did not expect his order to be anything but normal.

Mike Vegas had ordered the wings, in addition to a pizza, and had eaten just one slice before putting the rest of the food in the fridge.

"I ordered some pizzas and I thought I was going to have the day off. I was going to sit at home and enjoy my relaxation," Vegas told ABC News in the 2015 story.

The delivery driver couldn't reach him

Vegas was busy working, so he didn't realize that someone had been trying to reach him for several hours.

"My phone started blowing up and I wasn't looking at the random messages. I was at work so I wasn't answering," he said.

The calls came from the driver who had delivered his food; he had decided to stash some cash in a wings box before heading to the bank. Clearly, he had forgotten that he had put the cash there and had ended up delivering it to his final customer of the night.

About 5 a.m., I got home from work and went to my refrigerator and pulled out what I thought were wings. It turned out to be 1,300 bucks.

Mike Vegas

A moral dilemma

Vegas then took to Facebook to crowdsource his dilemma.

"I wrote a Facebook post and of course there's a long list of people arguing you should keep it, you shouldn't keep it, you should keep it, you shouldn't keep it," he told ABC News.

I wanted to keep it, believe me. But I can't, I can't do [that].

Mike Vegas

Vegas decided to return the cash, and Domino's Pizza General Manager Zia Mumtaz was grateful.

"Thank you so much for this, honest people are hard to find these days," Mumtaz said.

To show his gratitude, Mumtaz offered Vegas a gift. "Just to thank you, we're going to offer you free pizza for a whole year," he said.

Apparently, that's an offer Vegas couldn't refuse. "I'm going to have to start working out more, obviously," he joked.

Honesty is key

We all know that accidents are fairly common. But in those times of panic- like how the delivery driver was feeling- it is easy for us to fear the worst.

Fortunately, Vegas was an honest person who decided to do the right thing. And I'm willing to wager that he isn't the only one who would return the money if faced with a similar situation as most people are kind.

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Doing the right thing is not always easy but it's always worth it.

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