One elderly man continued to work despite all of his hardships, but now he can finally rest.

While we spend this time of year jingle bell rocking, dashing through the snow, and having ourselves a merry little Christmas, it’s important to remember that this holiday is not just about receiving but also giving.

East Idaho News does exactly that.

What One “Secret Santa” Gave a 72-Year-Old Truck Driver

Santa Claus plush toy
Photo by Daniel Reche

East Idaho News features a Secret Santa segment this time of year where Nate Eaton knocks on the doors of the most deserving people and offers them a little solace this holiday season.

One particularly heart-warming Secret Santa was when Eaton knocked on the trailer door of a 72-year-old truck driver.

Carl drives to pay the bills, but at 72 years old, it has taken its toll.

Carl works four days a week, some days for 14 hours, despite all the impairments that make it difficult for him to get up and get to work every morning. He lost one leg right above the knee 37 years ago, and it has started bothering him to the point that it’s difficult to walk.

Carl also lost his wife twelve years ago. She suffered from a brain aneurysm in 2001 and recovered but had another in 2010 that proved fatal.

In the last couple of years, he has battled three rounds of COVID, affecting his overall health. Despite these setbacks, Carl still goes to work as early as 2 a.m. some days.

How One Elderly Man Was Rewarded for His Perseverance

Carl currently lives in a trailer behind his daughter’s house, which is where Eaton surprised him with a couple of gifts that would change his life.

Carl skeptically opened his front door to see Eaton in a Santa hat with two presents to give out.

One box contained gift cards for gas and groceries that amounted to $2,000. The second gift was a box containing a $10,000 check for Carl to use on anything he wanted. Carl became emotional, as this check meant he could finally retire.

Carl didn’t let anything stop him from caring for his family — not the loss of a wife or a limb.

Luckily, his kindness and dedication came back around when the local news was able to give him the opportunity to retire. But the miracles don’t stop there: Carl has promised to pay this generosity forward.


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