Inspiring story from Ellen Degeneres. She lost her girlfriend at an early age and explains how she overcame this tragedy and discovered how precious life is.


So I just acted like I couldn’t hear, and I was being very, just, dismissive of her. She had left before us, and as we were driving home, we saw a car and it was split in two. And I found out the next morning that it was her. My girlfriend had been killed in a car accident, and we were living together at the time. I lived in this tiny basement apartment where you couldn’t even stand up fully. The ceilings were so low, it was like, you couldn’t stand up. And I had mattress on the floor, and the basement was infected with fleas. There were just fleas everywhere. And I remember thinking, it just seems ridiculous that this young 23 year old girl who I was just living with was gone and fleas are here. To me, life is very precious. It’s very special. We’re here for such a short time that everything on this earth should have a reason, should have a beneficial purpose. And I feel like everything does, except for fleas. And so I just thought it would be great to just pick up the phone and call up God and talk about this. And so I just picked up a pen and there were no, like, scratch out, start over, it just was written. It just, the whole thing came out. The whole conversation. The whole phone call. Then when I finished writing, I just thought, “Johnny Carson would love that. “I know he would appreciate that. “And I’m gonna do that on the show.” Yeah, hi God, this is Ellen. Ellen. Degeneres. And that was really hard, but it really did, it shifted my entire focus and my life.