The officer was surprised to see this familiar face.

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It can be really hard to turn your life around.

Whether you’ve had some bad blows, become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, or don’t see a clear path out, changing habits and tendencies is hard for anyone.

Often, it requires a wake-up call. And that’s exactly what one Texas man got when he was arrested a few years back.

Turning Around a Life of Crime

man and police officer holding hands and praying

In 2015, Doc Amey was a six-time convicted felon. But it was during his last stint in prison that he realized it was time for real and actual change. At the time, he was serving a five-year prison sentence on a gun charge, according to an ABC outlet.

“One day, a cold December morning, I just looked up: I said God, if you real, like everybody say you real, you’ll get me out of this,”  Amey recalled.

When Amey was paroled and released after a year and a half, he decided to make good on his promise.

The man became involved with “The Fellowship” church in Texas City, attended the Bible college there, and earned his associate’s degree in biblical studies. He began speaking publicly about his experiences and sought out police officers in the community to pray for them as well. Most importantly, he kicked his former life, involving drugs and guns, to the curb.

“You gotta be the change you want to see,” he told the publication.

Seeking an Important Person

As Amey continued his path to redemption and solidified his new life, there was one particular police officer he wanted to see again: Officer Salvador Chapa, who was the last officer to arrest Amey.

“God just been giving me the urgency to pray for police officers, the same police officers that arrested me. I just got an urgency to pray for them now,” Amey explained.

One day, the man got his wish when he spotted the police officer at a local cook-off. He approached without warning and said thank you. Then the men prayed together.

Barely anyone noticed, except for a man named Kevin Woods. He snapped a photo of the heartwarming moment, and later the Texas City Police Department shared the photo on Facebook.

Chapa was moved by the unexpected moment, too. “Touched my heart. It touched my heart. The reason it did, it sounds like I’ve touched his heart and made a difference in his life,” he told the publication. Now, the pair are even friends.

It’s Never Too Late

Sometimes it may seem like we’re at our very bottom, and there are few options in sight. But that isn’t necessarily the case. There are many programs out there designed to help us overcome and persist even during the darkest days, but first we need to learn to help ourselves.

This story is so inspiring because that’s exactly what one young man did. Furthermore, he made his past right by reconnecting with those who were trying to help him or put him right along the way, helping them to feel seen and appreciated too.

It also goes to show you that sometimes the person you’re trying to help might not be ready to accept your help or follow a new path. But by being there for them and continuing to support them, they may one day recognize and thank you for being the person they could count on.

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