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Excuses and Negativity (Motivational Video)

Excuses and Negativity (Motivational Video)

Excuses and Negativity (Motivational Video)

In this motivational video, Tyrese Gibson explains how you can get out of the negative cycle that is preventing you from reaching your full potential. Video by Mind Innovation.


"How easy and how convenient is it for us to blame everything and everybody for the things that we have gone on in our lives there is a such thing as you being a positive and a great person with the best of intentions towards everybody and shit is rough and you just can't get a break but most of you most of you are waking up every day looking for pain dysfunction drama unemployment being broke struggling dropping every excuse in the book about your childhood and the problems dysfunction that you grew up in that stopping you from becoming successful you don't like your friends so why are you still fucking with you don't trust your managers agents and lawyers so why are they still here do you really expect your life and career to be any different from messing with the same things people and situations that's all I'm saying stop being a lazy bum as a person that's full of excuses sitting around on the pity party coming up with every excuse in the world as to why you ain't women you are the reason you're not winning you keep messing with negative evil and dysfunctional people in expecting positive results it's time you get off the pity party stop complaining about being out of shape when you never go to the gym stop looking at your stomach when you get out of the shower and your body and complaining about the way you look when you're eating everything in sight and never going to the gym you are the reason you look the way you look you are the reason you're unemployed you are the reason why your surroundings is so dysfunctional and negative you could still be in the hood broken fucked up and living a peaceful life it's a choice we are being raised in a generation of people that come up with every excuse in the book as to why they are not winning you have every excuse in the reason the book why you're not spending time with your kids father's talking to you because you're able to create a child doesn't mean that you're a father it doesn't mean that you understand the concept of fatherhood it's time to stop coming up with excuses why five six seven months and even years have went by without you seeing your child it's wrong and it's only the kids that is suffering in the yeah excuses sound best to the people as making them up you got every excuse in the world that's why you're shitting moving that's why I ain't nothing change and nothing will change because you have convinced yourself that everything is wrong everything and megan is negative and nothing will change and guess what it won't change change your mind and it will change your life change if nothing around you changes change the things that are around you tired of I'm frustrated with the amount of people that are not successful because they have fought their way into a depression you have thought your way into negativity and misery you have thought your way into holding on to a dude or a girl that you broke up with a year or two ago and you're still sad and miserable date and moved on with a life it's all in the mind change your mind and it will change your life you just have to you just have to wake up you just have to break that negative spirit you have to break through all that shit that you're carrying I don't want to I don't feel sorry for you you feel sorry for yourself that's the problem even when positive people are trying to give you all this good energy you have tricked your mind to turn every positive thing that they say into something negative every time they say anything to try and motivate you and inspire you you you turn every negative thought and every you turn every positive thought every positive intention everything that they trying to boost your spirits up you flip it shake it manipulated and could you have you are so determined to be negative and misery is unbelievable it's a new day it's a new day yeah on messages and to tear you down and contribute to your negativity my intention is to say enough is enough God isn't done with you God is not done with you that's why you're still here but i actually have a problem the fact that there are people i hear that could be more successful that you have fought your way to depression you have thought your way into gravitating and moving into the direction of anything and anybody is negative everything about your life that you decided that you wanted for yourself is so negative but yet you you're expecting to produce positive results it's not gonna happen people the outcome of your life in your careers based on the choices that you made I love you I'm asking that you get off to pity party stop feeling sorry for yourself for every level there's another devil for every level there's another devil get off to anybody it's your season is your moment right now the question is are you just going to look at this video and decide wow that was some powerful shit and do the same fucking thing. I’m out."

- Tyrese Gibson

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