One firefighter not only helped save a family’s home, he also watered and saved their garden.

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After being evacuated from their home in Shasta, California, during one of California’s largest wildfires, Jeff and Susan Grant feared the worst. Instead, they returned home to an incredible surprise.

The Surprising Note One Couple Found On Their Front Door

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The Grants had spent 10 days in a nearby hotel, worried that their home would be destroyed by the fire. When a neighbor snuck back into the evacuation zone to check on their property, Jeff asked him to send a few photos of their house.

“I kind of got goosebumps and I’m shaky because I didn’t believe there would be this much greenery left,” Jeff said.

Their house and their garden was intact and they had no idea how their property had been so perfectly preserved. Then, they spotted a note on their front door.

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“I could not figure out your drip system. I have watered your flowers and garden a couple days. Hope they make it. The baby turkeys are cute. – Firefighter Ray B.”

When the Grants returned home, plump tomatoes were growing and the baby turkeys were alive and well. Grateful for the act of kindness, the Grants shared their story on social media and in the local news, hoping to track down Ray B.

I just want to give you a great big hug.

Jeff Grant

Why A California Firefighter Watered A Couple’s Garden

The story went viral, the good Samaritan stepped forward and the Grants were finally able to meet Red Bluff Fire Chief Ray Barber and thank their hero face-to-face.

The firefighter says his good deed was no big deal and that he remembers noticing the beautiful garden while tending to hotspot fires near the Grants’ property. “I thought, ‘Well, this thing hasn’t had water in awhile,’ so I watered the garden,” he explained.

“We were still here that evening so I came back and watered it. And before we left the next day, I watered it again, just to make sure that people had, you know, a garden to come home to.”

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This kind gesture meant a lot to Jeff and Susan Grant. “We’ve just got to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Everybody that’s going through this evacuation of this fire, it’s because of you guys helping us,” Jeff Grant said.

Likewise, Barber was happy to meet the Grants, since it was unusual for a firefighter to return to a scene like this. “Being able to come back and see the folks that you helped and you talk to them and see the impact that you’ve made, it’s touching,” Barber concluded.


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