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Singer's Spectacular "Fleetwood Mac" Cover Goes Viral — Gets Signed by the Jonas Group Entertainment (VIDEO)
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Singer's Spectacular "Fleetwood Mac" Cover Goes Viral — Gets Signed by the Jonas Group Entertainment (VIDEO)

Lanie Gardner's "Dreams" are coming true.

Lanie Gardner was born more than two decades after Fleetwood Mac released their classic hit, Dreams, back in 1977.

While she may not have been around when it shot to the top of the Billboard charts and became an instant hit thanks to the legendary voice of Stevie Nicks, she was around when it made its meteoric resurgence.

And a good thing too because thanks to "Dreams," her own dreams are coming true.

Why a 21-Year-Old Singer Decided to Cover a 43-Year-Old Song

In September 2020, a then 21-year-old Lanie sat on her bed, took a swig of Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail, and proceeded to belt out a soulfully sensational rendition of Dreams.

She had no idea that those four minutes were about to change her life.

Her inspiration came from a very successful viral TikTok she had seen by Nathan Apodaca (a.k.a @420doggface208).

Just days earlier, the Idaho Falls potato factory worker posted a clip of himself, casually gliding down a highway on his skateboard, drinking cranberry juice from the bottle, and lip-syncing to Stevie Nicks.

It launched him into Internet stardom and catapulted the song back onto the charts, 43 years after it made its debut. It also sparked a flurry of hundreds of thousands of tribute videos -- including Lanie's.

The Fleetwood Mac Cover That Launched a Singer's Career


warning: ocean spray + fleetwood mac may cause severe hippie vibes...we’ve already lost @420doggface208 #dreams #fyp

Lanie uploaded her stunning cover video to YouTube and TikTok where it quickly struck a chord, amassing millions of views across the internet.

It became an overnight sensation, drumming up millions of views in mere days, spread out across all the major social platforms. Lanie's own number of social media subscribers skyrocketed.

It even caught the attention of Mick Fleetwood himself, prompting him to comment "Absolutely blown away by this."

However, he wasn't the only one who was "blown away." So was Kevin Jonas Sr., father of THE Jonas Brothers and founder of the Jonas Group Entertainment. His pop star son Joe Jonas agreed, summing his feelings up in one word — "WOW!" — on Lanie's TikTok video.

They were so impressed, in fact, that 10 days later she was signing a management contract with Jonas Group Entertainment, a company known for working with some of the biggest names in music, including the Jonas Brothers (obviously), Demi Lovato, and Jordin Sparks.

They made the announcement on a Facebook post, writing, "Welcome to the Jonas Group family Lanie Gardner."

Lanie was later signed to Joe Jonas' imprint with Republic Records, 'Let's Get It Records.'

In September 2021, Lanie opened for the Jonas Brothers as part of the trio's "The Remember This Tour."

What Happened Next For Lanie Gardner

To date, Lanie's Fleetwood Mac cover has amassed more than a whopping 100 million views on various social platforms. But more than that, it opened doors that she never thought possible.

Following the viral cover, David Guetta asked Lanie to perform with him and Morten on their own rendition of “Dreams." It became a massive hit, earning over one million Spotify streams in the first 72 hours alone.

And now? She's released two original singles, "Better Luck Next Guy" and "Roses and Wildfire." A dream come true for a musician who started singing at the age of four and writing songs by the age of 12.

"Music is in her blood," Lanie's mother told reporters. "When other children dreamed of being astronauts and firefighters, Lanie never wavered from wanting to be a singer."

Thanks to a little help from Fleetwood Mac and her amazing talent, it seems she doesn't have to.

Lanie's viral success is a testament to the power of social media. It has been a game-changer for musicians and artists, allowing them to showcase their talent and get their work out into the world, gaining exposure that they may not otherwise get.

Her story is also an inspiring reminder that hard work, dedication, talent, and a bit of luck can lead to incredible opportunities, proving that dreams really do come true.

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