The entire act was caught on video taken by a fellow passenger.

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The mother-of-three was on board a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Honolulu to Los Angeles, trying to keep her children calm.

Why a Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant Reached Out to a Frazzled Mom

Rachel Yuen, a fellow passenger, compared the mom to an “acrobat” and said she was getting “stink eye” from the other travellers when her youngest wouldn’t stop crying.

Yuen was waiting for the seatbelt sign to go off so she could go offer the mom a hand. But a hero flight attendant saved the day and helped make the mom’s flight smoother.

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Yuen captured the kindness on video. The video shows the flight attendant holding the infant who is resting on her shoulder as she stands with him in the aisle. The baby is at peace as she rocks him from side to side.

Yuen shared the video on Facebook and explained that she watched as the toddler tossed and turned and the mom tried to find a position to make him comfortable for about 45 minutes.

How One Flight Attendant Went the Extra Mile for a Passenger

“A flight attendant walks over and asked to hold her son. The mother seemed reluctant, embarrassed and at her wits end. The toddler reached out and the flight attendant rocked him…Up and down the aisle until he finally gave in,” Yuen wrote on Facebook.

Yuen called it “true Aloha spirit” and wrote, “Hawaiian Airlines, you should be proud of the people you hire who go beyond the call of duty and remind the world that kindness isn’t all that uncommon…”

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“To that flight attendant, thank you for your kindness. It was noticed all around that flight. You gave a mother a moment to breathe and you have no idea how priceless this was for everyone around to see.”

People commenting on the Facebook post described the moment as “heartwarming” and “beautiful”. “What a beautiful story! And what a wonderful humanitarian the flight attendant was!” Susan Silva Freitas commented on Facebook.

That’s truly some first class service.


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