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Car Dealership Employee Is Approached by a Customer - Is Surprised by What He Finds in the Trunk
FOX13 Dream Team Helps Widowed Dad of 5 by Gifting Him Baby Supplies
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Car Dealership Employee Is Approached by a Customer - Is Surprised by What He Finds in the Trunk

One Utah widower was on the job at a car dealership when a show of love and support rolled into the service department.

Cassidy Shear went through the unimaginable, but the kindness of friends, family, and strangers kept him afloat.

Shear's wife, McKenzie, had just given birth to the couple's fifth child, a beautiful son named Ridge. The young mother was suffering from numerous health issues, including a blood disorder. Just one day after baby Ridge was born, a blood clot ended up taking her life before she even had the chance to hold her newborn.

Suddenly a widower with five children to care for, Shear quickly returned to work to provide for his family, secure insurance benefits, and ensure he’s able to hold on to the family home they had recently purchased.  

Everybody Stepped Up

While Shear works full-time at a car dealership, his mom and McKenzie's mom take turns caring for baby Ridge.

“He has not complained once about all of the responsibility that has been put on his shoulders,” Staci Christensen, McKenzie’s mother, said to FOX 13.

He has me. He has Dixie. He has all of Kenzie’s friends. Everybody’s just stepped up to the plate and willing to help Cassidy in any way that we can.

Staci Christensen to FOX 13

Special Surprise

One day, a “customer” pulled up to the dealership during Shear’s shift and said there was something wrong with his truck. The so-called customer -- actually a member of the Fox 13Dream Team -- popped open the trunk to reveal a stash of diapers, formula, and other baby supplies.

Shear's family and friends gathered around and there was one last gift in store for the dad.

Pregnant and overcome with emotion, Krystellina Brown, another member of the Dream Team, presented the father with a red box.

“Enjoy our gift of mortgage payments for the rest of 2019 -- compliments of the dream team,” the emotional father read from a note inside the box.

I don't know what to say. Thank you so much.

Cassidy Shear to FOX 13

Support Through Grief

People who have had to say goodbye to their loved ones often suffer secondary losses when friends or family members drift away instead of supporting them in their grief. From providing babysitting to baby wipes, the people in Shear's life provide an example of how to support someone through the grieving process.

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