Here’s what was funny on Twitter this week!

They say laughter is the best medicine, (unless of course, you are getting a coronary artery bypass –then it’s morphine).

I am not a doctor (in fact I didn’t even finish Grey’s Anatomy, I had to quit when I realized Meredith Grey’s kids were in university and Meredith herself was one more slip-in-the-shower away from needing to change her own bedpan).

But what I lack in medical knowledge, I make up for by finding hilarious tweets and memes. Am I a hero? Maybe.

In an insanely popular Twitter thread that has amassed over 194 MILLION VIEWS (?!) since being at the beginning of the week, one user (@Astronomikal1) on the social media platform decided to reach out into the black hole that is the Twittersphere to collect the funniest videos and jokes.

Clearly, a bit of laughter is just what the doctor ordered –unless of course, you are experiencing chest contractions — then you may be going into cardiac arrest and then laughter will not save you, it’ll only hasten your downfall.

But, if you need a quick pick-me-up and scrolling through the near-endless thread is too much for you to handle, we’ve put the 20 best together for your convenience.

Kick your feet up and dive in — you earned it.

It’s called fashion look it up

Are you team Harry or William?

When you learn a new dance move as a kid and want to show your whole family

Third-wheeling your best friend and their kid be like

He really thought he was Peter Parker

The silence after “I’m not a cat” is so loud

Spending quality time with your dad

He hit his car on the highway and was really trying to leave

Do you want the good news or bad news first?

The force was absolutely not with this one

The Bey-Hive nearly took Ashton out for this one

The secret ingredient is cinnanaanminaminon

When the healing monk is in the right place at the right time

With great power comes great responsibility

She definitely knew

Two divorce-sized shots

If you can’t go to Bella Noche where can you go?

Found footage of Drake wing-manning The Weeknd

Mom took him to the parking lot for acting up

He don’t play

Return to sender, stat

What’s the opposite of a hit-and-run?

Put Grandma on aux for cousin Mauro’s wedding

And there you have it, friends!

Dr. @Astronomikal1 (trained at the university of webMD has spoken).

I’m just as confused by this sudden Grey’s Anatomy fixation as you are ok?