A Canadian gay couple was being arrested in Tulum, Mexico when a crowd stepped in and halted the injustice.

Arrested for kissing in public

Maritza Escalante Morales was enjoying a day at the beach when she noticed something that looked cut from the history books.

She saw two police officers carrying assault rifles approach a group of foreigners and then a patrol car arrived to put two men in handcuffs.

When she approached, she realized that the reason two of the men had been arrested for kissing in public.

“THEY WERE NOT COMMITTING ANY CRIME, we were by their side, at no time did they do anything wrong, just for KISSING like any other couple, they wanted to take them away,” Morales wrote in a Facebook post.

“I am FURIOUS because it is not possible that in the 21st century this kind of oppression against the LGBTQ+ community is still happening. We all deserve the same treatment, and the corresponding sanctions should be applied to these elements.”

While homosexuality is legal in Mexico — and gay marriage has been allowed since 2010 — equality is still a work in progress, according to Out Right Mexico.

A freedom-fighting mob

Police then forced the two men into the patrol car in handcuffs, but by that point, a crowd had formed.

The crowd shouted: “They aren’t committing any crimes!”

Others said: “Yo soy gay, I am gay!”

Eventually, the officers succumbed to the freedom-fighting mob and let the men go, Queerty reports.

Morales shared videos of the whole ordeal on her Facebook post as well as on TikTok.

The fight isn’t over

It can be easy to feel complacent knowing that many jurisdictions have legalized homosexuality, but true equality is yet to be fully achieved. Love is love, and as a society we need to continue to stand up for those who face discrimination of all kinds, including against their sexual orientation.

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