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George Carlin: You Have to Change Yourself
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George Carlin: You Have to Change Yourself

George Carlin - Change

George Carlin urges us to question our materialism and unwillingness to change, saying that things will only get worse unless we begin to change our habits.


"This stuff, things, material goods, games, gizmos, toys, gadgets, having possessions. He's got a bigger truck. Did you see his truck? It's bigger than mine. I'm getting a new truck. Here's a big truck. Oh, I'm getting that one. You got a video on it? You have DVD too? He don't have a DVD. I got a DVD. Ah, please. What ever happened? That all of that is what happened.

"This whole thing, we have to save the planet by not putting diapers in the landfill. That's too shortsighted. That doesn't do anything. You have to change yourself, and we'll never do that because there dollars now. It's everybody wants a dollar and a toy. Everybody's got a cell phone that'll make pancakes and rub their balls, so nobody wants to rock the boat. Nobody wants to change. Don't change anything, and we're on a nice downward glide. I think we squandered our great gifts. I think humans were given great, great gifts. Walking upright, binocular vision, opposable thumb, large brain, making tools, make tools, large brain. Large brain make better tools. Talk, language. You take this, put it in here. We learn language. Brain got bigger. We grew. We had great gifts.

"I would admit that somewhere underneath all of this, there's a little flicker of a flame of idealism that would love to see it all change."

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