I understand, I really do. Things get complicated. Life can seem out of control.  You’ve got a lot of questions, not many answers.  But since when are you supposed to have all the answers?

You can ask for help.

So, how can I help?

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Please note that due to submission volume, only one question will be selected to be answered in my post, once every two weeks.

How it works

Hi, I’m Dave, and this is my advice column that lives at Goalcast.

I know what you’re thinking –  Why would you ask me for advice?  

Well, you can read more about me here.

For right now, most importantly, is that you should know that I care about helping people.  

Whether to give you honest advice, guide you through a tricky ethical dilemma, or to help you solve a problem, I care about helping you.  
And this is why I started an advice column, because sometimes we all need a bit of help. All you have to do is write me and say “Hey Dave?”


What can my question be about?
Anything, really.   If I feel that I don’t have the right experience or knowledge to answer your question, I will reach out to those that do.

Will my name be shared publicly?
No. Your real name will be kept confidential, and you will be given an anonymous pseudonym. However, we will notify you if your question is selected.

When will the answer appear?
Your answer will be published at the Hey Dave? page on the Goalcast website.

We will notify you when the answer is live.

Me. Here. For you.

It is mathematically, psychologically and emotionally impossible for one person to have all the answers. I certainly don’t claim to.

Who am I? I can list a bunch of things if you like, like how I’ve seen some things, been around the block of life a few times. How I’ve hurt people close to me and been hurt in return. How I’ve spent many years in different schools, and studied a lot of different subjects. How I have four degrees and am a doctor of philosophy, how sometimes I can be incredibly naive. How I’ve been in and out of love. How I’ve worked a lot of different jobs, from building houses to writing government reports, bartending to teaching university. How I’ve struggled with hardships and mental health, how I’ve done a few things that I’m pretty proud of. How I’ve met all kinds of people and I’ve travelled the world many times, how I spend a lot of time alone, and sometimes being alone is great and sometimes it’s lonely as hell.

Thing is, telling you all of this about me really means nothing. Those are just things I’ve done that, in the long run of this short life, mean very little. Nor, in any way, do any of those things make me better than you.  

I’ve failed just as much, if not more, than I’ve succeeded. I struggle with my own demons every day, I struggle to pay the rent. I hope, I regret, I work hard to make sure that hopes don’t turn into regrets.

All this means is that I’ve got a few resources – books, contacts, experiences – to bring to the table when helping you out.

The only real answer that matters to your question of “Who am I?” is that, simply, I’m someone who cares.

I will advise, I will help.

Here, take my hand. Shake it, hold it, hit me up top for a high-five, grab it and wrap it around you for a hug.

We have some talking to do, you and I.

[contact-form-7 id=”6920″ title=”Contact form – Hey Dave?”]