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Left Image: Groom holds mic during wedding speech | Right Image: Bride and maid of honor have jaws dropped open during speech

Groom Floors Bride by Delivering Wedding Speech in Korean

TikTok/ @bdccarpenter
Uplifting News

Groom Shocks Bride When She Learns What He Was Doing Behind Her Back For a Year

Sometimes, love inspires the most...unexpected gestures.

Grand gestures often steal the spotlight in viral moments, but it's the sincere, heartfelt actions that truly resonate.

Ben Carpenter, a personal trainer and internet personality, recently reminded us of this when he performed a touching act on his wedding day that captivated millions.

He Was Sneaking Behind Her Back


For nearly a year, I have been keeping a big secret from my wife, until our wedding day. I kept sneaking off for 30 minutes at a time for video calls she didn’t know about, or pretending they were for work when they weren’t. In bed I would often put one headphone in so she couldn’t hear what I was doing, and turning my screen away so she couldn’t see either. I set myself a goal of learning just a teeny tiny bit of Korean as a show of respect to her and her family on our wedding day. I wasn’t originally planning on sharing this video from a couple of months ago, because I try to make social media about posting educational content for you all. But, it seems silly not to share one of the most important days of my life. So, here is my full wedding speech, for any of you who are interested. ❤️ #wedding #weddingtiktok #groom #speech #weddingday #bride #korean #korea

Ben Carpenter, known for his engaging social media presence, decided to share a deeply personal moment with his followers on TikTok. In early May, he posted a video that deviated from his usual content. This time, it was about his wedding day and a surprise he had meticulously planned for nearly a year.

In the video, Ben stands nervously, ready to deliver his wedding speech. He begins with a playful remark, “I have joked with Sohee for months that it would be cute for me to learn a few words in Korean to sprinkle into my speech.” Little did anyone know that this light-hearted jest hid a profound secret.

A Dedicated Effort

Ben continued, “But I looked at the Korean alphabet, and I realized it wasn’t going to be the easy task that I had hoped, so please forgive me for how much I will butcher this.” With visible nervousness, he then began speaking fluently in Korean, leaving everyone, especially his bride Sohee and her family, in complete awe.

The astonishment on Sohee’s face and the pride in her family’s eyes were palpable as Ben revealed that he had been secretly learning Korean for almost a year. His dedication to mastering his wife’s native language was a beautiful gesture of respect and love, shining through every word he spoke.

“I can finally speak to you in Korean,” Ben said, smiling with pure joy. He continued by sharing heartfelt sentiments about their relationship and reminiscing about the warm welcome he received from Sohee's family. This effort to bridge the language gap brought an emotional connection that was beautifully evident to everyone present.

Love Transcends Language

In his TikTok caption, Ben detailed the extent of his commitment: “I set myself a goal of learning just a teeny tiny bit of Korean as a show of respect to her and her family on our wedding day.” He described sneaking off for video calls, wearing headphones in bed, and turning his screen away to keep his efforts secret.

This touching moment is a testament to the power of love and the lengths one will go to express it. Ben’s hard work paid off in a profoundly moving way, and the pride and happiness on his wife’s and in-laws' faces during his speech were truly heartwarming.

Social media users worldwide quickly reacted, with comments expressing admiration and emotional responses. One person aptly summed it up: “The respect, honor, and devotion demonstrated here are so moving.”

Another comment read, “Ladies, find yourself a man who will learn another language to make your family happy. All the feels.” This statement underscores the depth of Ben’s love for Sohee and his effort to honor her heritage.

“I did not anticipate sobbing over the marriage of two people whom I do not know, yet here I am,” confessed another viewer. The universal appeal of Ben’s surprise and the emotions it elicited from viewers around the world underscore the power of love and dedication.

One commenter perfectly encapsulated the sentiment by saying, “He raised the bar and nailed it to the ceiling. Not getting over this one.” Indeed, Ben Carpenter’s heartfelt gesture has set a standard for love and devotion that will be remembered for years to come.

A Beautiful Reminder

In a world often filled with grand gestures and extravagant displays of affection, Ben Carpenter’s simple yet deeply meaningful act of learning Korean for his bride reminds us that genuine, heartfelt actions leave the most lasting impressions.

This beautiful story is a testament to the power of love, respect, and dedication in a relationship, touching hearts worldwide.

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