Age ain’t nothing but a number!

A woman is alive today thanks to the heroic quick thinking of her six-year-old son.

Little Cornelius Fairley was at home with his mom in Picayune, Mississippi, when she suffered a seizure. The six-year-old flew into action and dialed 911 for an ambulance after finding his mom, Cornissia, in a comatose state.

Twenty-eight-year-old Cornissia Fairley has been suffering from stage four-pancreatic cancer since being diagnosed in December 2022.

“I called 911 because she wasn’t waking up,” Cornelius Fairley told reporters shortly after. After paramedics got the call, they rushed to the home and took Cornissia to the hospital. Cornelius’ grandmother Cornelia Andrews thanked her grandson for saving her daughter’s life.

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“Thank you Jesus because without him having the knowledge to do so, we don’t know what would’ve happened,” said Cornelia.

The family has been dealing with ongoing health issues since Cornissia’s diagnosis in 2022, and sadly, in February, the family found out her cancer had metastasized.

“When they found it, unfortunately, it had spread to her liver and lungs,” Cornelia told the TV station. “And a couple of weeks ago, we found out it had spread to the brain, as well.”

Cornelius’ grandmother says that he is keeping the family’s spirits high. He was honored last month by the Picayune City Council and led the city’s Mardi Gras Parade with the police department.

“He’s always thinking ‘I want to give this to my mommy’”. Said Cornelia of her grandson. “You know some kids go into the store ‘can I have this for myself, can I get it?’ He just wants to get something that will put a smile on his mommy’s face.”

“The other day we went into the Dollar Tree and when he came back, he was like ‘Glamma look what I have,’ and he picked up different colored flowers and said ‘I want to take this to my mommy.'”

Cornelius, whose favorite superhero is Batman, spends his free time playing baseball and the drums.

“This diagnosis is as equally unexpected as it is devastating.” Said Cornissia “she has begun extensive chemotherapy and this type of treatment is very aggressive on her body.

What does Cornelius think about everything?

“I love you mommy and I hope you come back soon or if the hospital tells you that you have to come back home.” He said hopefully.

Cornelia Andrews has created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money $50,000 for her daughter, who can no longer work, and help pay for chemotherapy costs. The fund is currently at just over $5,000.

If you would like to help Cornelius and his mom, you can do so by going to Cornissia’s GoFundMe page.