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Chick-fil-A Worker Recognizes Man and Trusts His Gut - Ends up Saving a Woman and Her Baby From a Dangerous Carjacker
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Chick-fil-A Worker Recognizes Man and Trusts His Gut - Ends up Saving a Woman and Her Baby From a Dangerous Carjacker

A Chick-fil-A employee in Florida came face to face with the same carjacker twice in one week. This time, he saved a mother and her child.

We witness unpleasant things every day, and often turn a blind eye to them. Luckily, when a young mother was attacked by a ferocious stranger, a good samaritan stepped in to help

Mykel Gordon loves his job at Chick-fil-A, but he never expected that it would involve saving lives and taking down bad guys. Even so, that is exactly what he had to do one day when he witnessed an attack on a young mother.

Mykel Gordon Wasn’t Afraid to Intervene When Needed

chick fil a employee thwarts thief

A vicious middle aged man was heading towards the woman and her baby armed with a stick. His movements were threatening, and Mykel recognized right away that this woman and child were in danger. 

The woman screamed for help and was ready to use her keys in self defense. She was relieved when Mykel came running. He immediately got into a scuffle with the attacker, a man named William Branch. Branch punched Mykel in the face, but the Chick-fil-A employee wrestled him to the ground. Once Branch was finally apprehended, another woman approached and yelled at him for attacking a woman with a baby.

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“She had a baby in her hands, how dare you," said the onlooker. "How dare you scare her like that?”

The police arrived and charged Branch with carjacking and battery. 

In a shocking twist, it was not the first time that Mykel and Branch had come to blows. Mykel recognized the criminal from a few days earlier, when he had caught him trying to steal another car. During that incident, Mykel chased the man away while avoiding a physical altercation. 

A Hero in the Chick-fil-A Community

The Chick-fil-A community was proud to have a hero like Mykel on their team. His manager publicly thanked the employee, saying: “I’m grateful for my amazing Team Member, Mykel Gordon, who so selflessly jumped in to intervene and help our Guests. I couldn’t be prouder of his incredible act of care."

We should all take a page out of Mykel’s book. When we see somebody breaking the law or purposely hurting others, it is our duty to do something about it. We have to protect others in the way we'd hope them to protect us. This will make the world a lot safer!


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