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Single Mom of 6 Has Struggled With Homelessness - So High School Students Plot Together and Come Up With a Plan
High School Students Get Together to Buy a Car for a Single Mom of 6
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Single Mom of 6 Has Struggled With Homelessness - So High School Students Plot Together and Come Up With a Plan

I hope that they, you know, are happy about what theyve done."

Single parenthood is not easy. Having to play both parental roles while tending to the needs of their jobs and other life obligations has its obstacles. Single parents deserve any bit of help they can get.

So when it became known that a single mom of six children in Charlottesville, Virginia, needed a mode of transportation for herself and her kids, a group of high school students and an organization with hearts of gold gave her the life-changing gift of a car.

How High School Students Helped a Single Mom

Michelle Mendez is gifted a car by Louisa County High School students.
Michelle Mendez is gifted a car by Louisa County High School students.

Michelle Mendez, the mom of six, had financial upheaval.

Before she received assistance from the nonprofit The Journey Home, Mendez was homeless and had stayed in and out of hotels across the area before getting help from the group.

The Journey Home is a nonprofit that helps people recover from the struggles of homelessness with faith-based solutions.

After getting help from the organization, the nonprofit Giving Hands also stepped in to offer assistance.

Giving Hands was created by single dad Eddie Brown and his wife Ginny and focuses on providing help to single mothers who are facing periods of crisis, including car repair needs.

"The component that I look at is just the hope. And just seeing that in her eyes as she received that car and just the excitement and what it means for her boys too," Brown told NBC29 News.

Giving Words also upped their support to a new level. They obtained a $10,200 grant from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, a local company, and worked with the high schoolers to get Mendez a vehicle.

Students Worked on the Car for Some Time

Reportedly, the students had been working on the car for the course of the year so that the car would be ready for both Mendez and her children.

Mendez revealed that it's "been hard as a single mom" when you have a family to support, but she is grateful for the community's efforts.

"I really appreciate everything everybody's done to make this happen," she said.

It's natural to believe that a school project that took a year to finish would become a memorable experience for students. And one for a great purpose will leave a significant impression on those who benefit from the act.

Mendez received the car in a ceremony that included the high school students who worked on getting the car in the best condition for her.

Brown and a representative from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, among others, were in attendance.

Mendez’s Message for the High Schoolers Who Helped Maker Her Life Better

Mendez has a short but impactful message of "hope" for the charismatic high schoolers as they've done a remarkable deed.

"[I hope they are] grateful that it gets to go to somebody who's really going to appreciate it and use it," she said.

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